Redskins vs. Eagles & Chris Baker

Wow what an electric game. Whenever you’re watching a division game, you know it’s gonna be good. Especially when it’s the NFC East, which in my opinion is the most competitive division in the NFL. No, not the best, not the most talented, but definitely the most competitive. Any time those teams play each other, the game is completely up for grabs. The entire division is going to finish between 6-10 and 10-6. The entire division shows sparks of talent but is never consistent. The entire division does not have a team that’s a legitimate super bowl threat. And the entire division … Continue reading Redskins vs. Eagles & Chris Baker

Bye Bye Ray Rice

Ray Rice has officially been cut from the Baltimore Ravens. His contract has been terminated and he has been suspended from the NFL indefinitely. All of this happened because the video of him striking his then-fiance, who is now his wife, has been released. This is huge. The Ravens should be applauded (maybe). They have shown great integrity in their decision (maybe), it’s not easy to cut one of the best running backs in the league. The loss of Ray Rice could very well eliminate any hopes of success for Baltimore this year. Rice’s ban also shows how bad Roger Goodell … Continue reading Bye Bye Ray Rice

The Battle for New York: Giants vs. Jets

The first half of this year’s Giants vs. Jets preseason game was exciting as always. It was clear that the Jets played better, and as a Giants fan it’s tough to say but I’m much more optimistic about the Jets than my G-Men this year. How great did Chris Johnson look? Really great. He made defenders miss and miss big on a lot of his runs, and I’d say his knee felt pretty good as he continually got separation from the defense. Another plus is that Johnson had great blocking. The Jets dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides … Continue reading The Battle for New York: Giants vs. Jets