Valentines Day Massacre

Blue Jackets 3 – Islanders 6 The Islanders got romantic Saturday night as they hosted the Blue Jackets at the Ol’ Barn.  Poor Columbus.  They didn’t even know what was coming.  They probably wish they never got off the plane to begin with.  The Isles earned their fourth straight victory in convincing fashion. My valentine this year was, of course, John Tavares. The Captain hammered home two goals, while also grabbing two assists.  That’s right.  A four point game for Johnny Hockey, who has been playing as well as anyone in the League over the past few weeks.  Tavares has … Continue reading Valentines Day Massacre

Islanders Update: R-E-L-A-X

The Isles hit a bit of a skid after murdering the Rags last week.  They lost three in a row to the Bruins, Red Wings, and Panthers. Two of those teams are on fire right now.  The other one is the Panthers.  Whatever.  It happens. The Islanders took on the Flyers last night.  They fell down 2-0 midway through the second.  Matty Martin had his nose broken right before our eyes Johnny Boychuk hurt his knee and was carried off the ice It was looking like a real ugly loss in Philadelphia.  Would have been their fourth straight loss, which … Continue reading Islanders Update: R-E-L-A-X

Kyle Okposo Out 6-8 Weeks

Well this is just about the worst news that could have come from the Islanders.  Kyle Okposo will miss 6-8 weeks with an upper body injury, as Coach Caps informed the media after today’s practice.  There’s not much other information on the specifics at this point.  This is the worst sports news I’ve received since Matt Harvey tore his UCL. This is devastating.  It’s been such an amazing season with this team so far.  Injuries are the only thing that could have derailed the Isles train.  Capuano will have to do some fancy coachwork to reshuffle the lines to fill … Continue reading Kyle Okposo Out 6-8 Weeks

1 Minute Sports Weekly Podcast with Baca, Grover and Odawg

We’re back everybody! It’s been a while since we last podcasted, it’s been forever since I was last running the show, but we’re up and running and better than ever. We finally got a name down, its the 1 Minute … Continue reading 1 Minute Sports Weekly Podcast with Baca, Grover and Odawg

The Rangers Are Idiots

Doink!  Doink!  Doink!  Oh Danny Boy the pipes are calling! I don’t know what else to say.  THE RANGERS ARE IDIOTS!  Derick Brassard is an idiot!  Henrik Lundqvist is an idiot!  ODawg is an idiot!  Baca is an idiot!  Mark Messier is a skinheaded Neo-Nazi idiot!  Anyone who is in any way affiliated with this organization is an idiot! The New York Islanders took on the hottest team in hockey last night.  They plowed right through the Rangers (again), just like they’ve plowed through every other team in the NHL.  And the Isles’ train rolls along.  CHOO CHOO The Isles … Continue reading The Rangers Are Idiots

Another Overdue Isles Blog

Yeah, I haven’t written about the Islanders in like two week.  What do you want to do about it?  Fight me.  (Don’t fight me).  It’s finals week and Daddy’s gotta make his paper.  Whatever.  Let’s jump into it. The Isles lost three straight games last week.  But guess what: I live in Candyland and nothing bad happens in my world so I’m just going to ignore that and talk about last night’s game against the Devils. Did the Isles win?  Stupid question.  Of course they won. In all seriousness it was a real gutsy win against the Devils last night. … Continue reading Another Overdue Isles Blog

We’ve Got Rankings!

Oh boy oh boy.  It’s Tuesday night.  That means one things: College Football Playoff Rankings.  I love that they release the ranking on Tuesdays.  It gives you a little extra something to make it through the day.  On Mondays, you know you’ve got Monday Night Football.  On Tuesdays, you get angry at Condoleezza Rice for ranking College Football teams. Here we are.  It’s December.  It’s conference championship week.  One last chance for teams to make a splash before bowl season and the College Football Playoff. Breaking down the Top 10: 1. Alabama (11-1) Easily the #1 team in the country. … Continue reading We’ve Got Rankings!