The (Updated) Definitive List of the Hottest Girlfriends and Wives of the Mets players

So about a year and a half ago I wrote a blog about the hottest girlfriends/wives of the 2015 Mets. Well, time passes, new relationships bloom, players change teams, and more beautiful women keep coming through the door. I sorta feel like Matthew McConaughey writing this (and it’s not often I get to say that).


 10. Tayler Francel, Kevin Plawecki’s girlfriend

Kevin Plawecki is trash at catcher, but I can’t deny he landed a fine looking woman. Tayler Francel played soccer at Purdue, so they met in college, and they’re engaged. So cute, gotta love those college sweethearts




9. Alexandra Santos, Bartolo Colon’s second wife

Big Bart and his mistress sneaking their way into the top 10! America’s favorite baby daddy got caught up in quite a little bit of a scandal earlier this year (kin$da W$eird H$ow th$$at ju$t wen$t away$). Either way, having a mistress isn’t strange, but having a second family is. That’s just Big Sexy though, he’s got a lot of love to give.



8. Cady Reed, Addison Reed’s wife

These two crazy kids got married last November, and had their first child this July. Hmmmm……….Weird how that happened nine months after they got married.




…..There’s a small chance that’s a picture of the kid being conceived. Just sayin’

 7. Britney Cobain, Travis d’Arnaud’s girlfriend

A cigar smokin, fun lovin’, guys gal. According to the internet website that tracks all these athletes girlfriends’, Britney Cobain’s really funny and cool. That’s why she’s number 7….




6. Tracy Ruiz Conforto, Michael Conforto’s mom

Well it’s not that much of a shock that Michael Conforto got to the big leagues with the genetics he’s got, or the looks either. His mom’s a former Olympian, a synchronized swimmer in 1984, so still technically an Olympian. And she’s a f*****g smoke. Sorry Michael, but your mom’s hot. I almost feel bad for 13-14 year old Michael Conforto. Imagine how much shit he got about his mom being a 10 at every single game? Insanity.


5. Taylor Cain, Steven Matz’s girlfriend

Taylor Cain’s actually a country singer, so we have the classic love story of the southern country singer meets Long Island Jewish kid/superstar baseball player. Who doesn’t love America?



4. Molly Beers, David Wright’s wife, Olivia Shea Wright’s mother

FLOTNYM, The First Lady of the New York Mets, is Molly Beers. She’s the Michelle Obama, the Catlyn Stark, the Queen Elizabeth of Flushing. David and Molly had the first child, Olivia Shea Wright this summer. These two make me believe true love is out there




3. Leah Niese, Jon Niese’s wife

Leah Niese was one of the OG “Met wives and girlfriends” when the New York Post profiled her, Molly Beers, and some of the other  better halves. She’ll forever and always have a top three spot for what she said in her Post profile about wearing the same blue and orange Mets underwear every time Jon Niese pitched.




2. Dominique Rizzo, Zach Wheeler’s girlfriend

Zach Wheeler’s been rehabbing from Tommy John for what seems like five years, so I’m not entirely sure if these two are still going at it. My head says no, but my heart says yes. Rizzo was number one on the 2015 list, but she’s going to have to settle for the number two spot this year. Somebody should sit her down and break the news softly





 1. Ellen Kraemer, Noah Syndergaard’s girlfriend

Of course Thor would be landing the hottest chicks this side of the Mississippi. He’s 24, he’s gunna be the best pitcher in baseball someday, he’s living in New York city, and he has an absolute stunner to come home to after he throws 120mph fastballs. Things are pretty good if you’re Noah Syndergaard right now.





Well, from the looks of things, it looks like even though the Mets kinda suck at swinging the stick on the field, they definitely swing a big one off it. Congrats on the sex to all the Mets mentioned above, and to Matt Harvey and whoever he is spending the night with tonight.



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