Sandy Alderson is trolling Mets fans by talking about Tim Tebow

Adam, oh Adam. I really do love Adam Rubin, he knows juuuuuuust what to say to toe the line between sports journalist and troll. It’s an art, it really is. But he’s gotta realize in this situation he’s getting trolled by Sandy, the master troller.

Yea no shit Sandy is “strangely intrigued” by Tim Tebow. We all are. He was a football player three weeks ago, now he wants to play baseball. And oh yea, IT’S TIM TEBOW. The whole world is “intrigued” by him. They’re intrigued by the fact that he couldn’t throw but he played Quarterback. They’re intrigued that he’s 29 and he’s still a virgin. And they’re intrigued because “Tim Tebow tries out for a baseball team,” is not something you hear every day. That doesn’t mean Sandy wants Tebow anywhere near CitiField. Not as a player, not as a fan, not even as a god damn janitor.

That being said, if Sandy is into Tebow, I’m 1000% behind him. It’s a maverick move if there’s ever been one, and if he thinks Tebow needs to be on the roster for the stretch run, then so be it. Let him put on a uniform and hang out in the dugout praying and shit if you think it’s gonna help the Mets win. I mean, can it hurt? We’ve got 37 guys on the roster already, still 3 spots left. You’re telling me there isn’t a spot for an end of the bench for a guy who may or may not be Jesus’ brother, to say rosaries all game and maybe get the team some good juju from the big guy upstairs? Just saying, if you’re thinking that’s not EXACTLY what’s going through the baseball maverick’s mind right now, then you are a simpleton.

PS- Sandy’s trolling the troll. He hates the media. Especially Rubin. #VivaLaMaverick



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