One Minute Sports is Back for the Wild Card Chase


Ohhhhh them Metsies. They know just how play me. Our second annual summer vacation from contending is over. The Mets, are officially BACK.

If there is one thing that the National League, and Major League Baseball, should know by now, it’s that you CANNOT let our Cuban Cigar get lit. You can’t let Yoenis Cespedes get hot. With the Mets, it’s trickle-down Cesconomics. When Cespedes starts hitting absolute bombs, and rakes of every pitcher in this hemisphere, the rest of the team feels it. There’s a different energy in the air, and it leads to guys like Wilmer Flores, Kelly Johnson, and Alejandro freakin De Aza getting clutch hits.

I know, sweeping the Reds doesn’t make anybody World Series contenders. But winning 13 of 17, and clawing at the door of a play-in-game spot, sorta does. This is a roster full of guys that remember the pennant run last year. This isn’t a young team. This is their second go around. Say what you will about Terry Collins and how he manages games, but there’s one guy who hasn’t stopped expecting this team to be great again all year, and it just so happens to be the silver haired devil that handles the lineup card. He knows this team, he’s kept them together with glue and bubble gum. He’s a baseball guy, and he loves baseball players. As long as Terry’s in, I’m in. Let’s take this thing.


Hey Bryce and Murphy,

The Mets are back, One Minute Sports is back.


Ps- Madison Bumgarner, you’ve been officially put on notice. I’m comin’ for that ass in the WC game.




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