Time For Us To Love Hockey Again, It’s the Playoffs

“Playoffs?! We talkin’ about playoffs?! You kiddin me? Playoffs?!” – Jim Mora, legend

I’m the first to admit that I am, by and large, a fair weather hockey fan. It’s tough to follow a sports team when you’re busy being oneminutesports.com’s Foreign Correspondent and there’s an ocean between you and the real world. It’s also really easy when the Rangers are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs every year.

Sidenote: The NBA Playoffs and NHL Stanley Cup are essentially an extra quarter-season, so if you’re someone like me who only really tunes in for the playoffs in those two leagues you are not the worst person ever.

The draw is not pretty for the Rangers this year. A season removed from the top team in hockey, they’ve severely limped into the playoffs, and that is exactly where they want it. Because Henrik Lundqvist is the best netminder in the league (f outta here with that Braden Holtby nonsense).

Am I a little worried Hank is under the weather and MacDonough won’t play the first few games. Surely. I’m a little worried when I go to sleep every night because you’re never positive you’re gonna wake up, so in comparison, this really isn’t a big deal.

Here are some random thoughts I have about the Rangers and the playoffs, and ultimately why they will win the Stanley Cup:

  1. The Penguins and the Capitals are failures. The Rangers have dominated them in the playoffs the last two seasons. And that’s just facts.

2. The Penguins and the Capitals dominated the Rangers this season. Doesn’t matter. Facts don’t matter when you have King Henrik between the pipes.

3. Chris Kreider scores 10 postseason goals.

4. Sidney Crosby will cry when the Rangers beat his team in five for the second season in a row

5. We get a Isles-Rangers ECF and Twitter has to shut down for a couple days because it started a civil war and Long Island has seceded from the union.

6. The Rangers win that because Henrik Lundqvist.

7. Henrik. So hot.


8. Canyon of Heroes. Mid-June. See you there.



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