Johnny Manziel Is Getting His Life Together … Just Kidding, He’s Living With Josh Gordon

I’ll start with this. Weed/marijuana/THC being banned by major league sports (and the general workforce) is a joke. Science has proven it has minimal impact on play. Just wanted to clear up the fact I hold no bias toward Josh Gordon for puffing the magic dragon like Snoop Dogg is about to come over for the weekend and steal all of his weed.

But Johnny. Johnny! We were doing so well! You told TMZ you were moving in with Von Miller, who just won the Super Bowl MVP. That’s a good thing. A great thing. And now, you’re living with Josh Gordon, who LOVES weed. Once again, no that there’s anything wrong with that. But for the 24-year old, troubled, spotlight-craving pop culture icon, living with Josh Gordon isn’t a good idea. It really isn’t a good idea for anyone with addiction problems in the past and has tried to clean up his or her act by attending rehab. It’s DEFINITELY not a good idea for Johnny Football. It’s like saying “Oh I’ll stop doing drugs, then subsequently moving into a crack den.”

I just love the 180-degree turn this whole story took. I said to myself, “Wow, good on you Johnny, really trying to show the world he can overcome his own vices. And then he moves in with one of the like 10 dudes you can’t go live with in the world. Literally as I am typing this it broke on Twitter his petition for reinstatement was denied by the NFL.

Here are some Johnny Football A&M highlights to cheer you up. That dude straight up balled back in the day, and it’s a damn shame substance abuse may rob the world of the opportunity to watch him do it on the biggest stage.

P.S. — If I’m Goodell or some hot shot in the NFL Office it’s in my best interest to get the kid sober. He would become a ratings machine and a success story for a league that desperately needs more positive coverage.


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