Somehow, someway, Mr. Met didn’t get an NLCS ring

Steven Boldis is an actor who played Mr. Met for 12 years, before retiring after the 2015 season to take a construction job. Apparently, he did not make the list as one of the 750 PEOPLE affiliated with the organization who received their rings! I’m no genius, but in what world does it make sense that Joe from accounting gets a ring, but a guy whose business card reads “Mr. Met” doesn’t??? This is an absolute travesty, and I will not stand for it. Boldis’ friend Keith Collins (great name) feels the same way I do, and told The Daily News just that.

“I’m more upset about it than he is. Everybody gets one! Even the grounds crew. He was there until the end of the season then after the series ended he resigned. There were no bad feelings. It was just time. There were players who got traded and still got rings.”

If you feel the same way as Keith and I, sign my petition at Change.Org. WE WILL get Mr. Met his ring. I’m not a lawyer, so I’m not sure if there is any legal precident into getting mascots their rings, but if you’re familiar with one by all means drop it in the comments. I will not sleep, eat, watch the Mets, stop being moderately annoyed until Boldis has a ring on that finger like Beyonce. Please, join the cause, fight the fight.


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