One Minute Sports to endorse Pablo Ozuna for President of the United States


AP- One Minute Sports, one of the biggest and badassiest blogs in the game, has decided to venture out of the world of sports and into you guessed it….politics. And like everybody getting political these days, they had to make an endorsement. So At 2:15 EDT on Friday, Owen “Odawg” Condon, the founder, CEO, president, general manager, groundskeeper, and author for One Minute Sports made his endorsement via twitter. However, eyebrows were raised when Condon decided not to pick any of the quote unquote “mainstream” candidates. Instead, Odawg picked Pablo Ozuna, 2005 World Series Champion and lifetime .282 hitter, after he declared his candidacy only moments earlier.

There you have it ladies and gents, my official endorsement for President of the United States. I love that Ozuna is an outsider who doesn’t care what people think of what he says. Some people might call it crazy to announce your candidacy on twitter. Nope, not Pablo. Does Pablo care that he was born in the Dominican Republic? Fuck no. That’s the type of no shit taking that I want in the White House. And his campaign strategy?

LOVE IT. Get those swing states in Virginia and Maryland locked up. Does Pablo Ozuna care that he hasn’t played in the major leagues since 2008? Fuck No. If he wants to play for the O’s, get ready for the O’z in Baltimore. And his VP?

BOOM. Ozuna/Swisher 2016. Book it.



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