Giants hire Ben McAdoo as head coach

Well, it’s official, Ben McAdoo named the 17th head coach in New York Giants history.

At the start of this process, I thought hiring McAdoo would be the worst-case scenario for the Giants. Then, a few things happened:

  1. Eli Manning came out in total support of McAdoo to take over the job.
  2. The names the Giants interviewed turned out to be even more of a disaster than McAdoo himself.

The Giants put themselves in a tough spot from the get-go. By retaining Reese and ditching Coughlin, you’re hitched to Reese for at least another three years, because you have to give him time to make things work with whoever the new coach is. That’s problem No. 1, because regardless of all the injuries on the defensive side of the ball this season, that defense was the definition of a trainwreck.

Reese had two smoking guns in all of this, the first being Odell Beckham Jr. He drafted the most exciting player in the league and that holds a lot of weight. Secondly, he made the argument that for the first 58 minutes of a lot of games, the personnel was suitable to win the game, which upon first glance is true. It’s obviously more than that, but it was enough for ownership.

The candidates the G-Men interviewed were laughable. Sure, there weren’t any big-name coaches available, because good coaches keep their jobs. The best one out there is Tom Coughlin, but at 70, I don’t want him running my football team — the same way you don’t want a 70-year-old running a company or a country (cc: Presidential Election).

Doug Marrone? Mike Smith? Teryl Austin? Yuck. I was talking with my esteemed OneMinuteSports colleagues, and it got to the point that if a name didn’t make me want to kill myself I was OK with it. The two names that accomplished that were Steve Spagnuolo and Hue Jackson. Jackson took the Browns job Wednesday. Spags just coordinated the worst defense in the league. That’s where we’re at.

Let me walk you through last night. A fake Bruce Feldman account got tweeted onto my timeline saying Giant ownership was in Tuscaloosa to meet with Nick Saban and that he was highly interested. I was amped up. I found out it was fake (very embarrasing, btw) and then a few minutes later the McAdoo news emerged. So my brain went from Saban to McAdoo in a matter of minutes, a truly brutal twist of fate.

This is why I’m so low on McAdoo. One, his creepy mustache. Please shave and look like a pro, man. Two, he has no coaching experience and has come up through the ranks very quickly. He was a tight ends coach until 2012 in Green Bay, when he took over the QB coaching gig for two seasons. The Packers were very successful, but probably because of some dude named Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, McAdoo was his coach, but at that point in Rodgers’ career, no assistant coach was having a legit impact on his play. McAdoo parlayed those merits to become the Giants offensive coordinator after Kevin Gilbride retired, and the offense has been decent the last two seasons with him calling plays.

A huge factor that flew under the radar in this whole process is Eli Manning. Learning a third offense at age 35 would essentially kill his career. He clearly thrives in the new system, putting up his best numbers in spite of the severe talent dropoff all around him. It was very important to Eli and ownership that McAdoo and Eli remain together, which I am OK with, because of the aforementioned reasons. Also, with the Eagles expressing interest in McAdoo, the Giants had to lock their guy up.

I would have preferred Lovie Smith. Because honestly, all a head coach does is call timeouts and challenge plays, which comes down from coaches in the booth anyway. All you need is a strong leader who can make a practice schedule and give good speeches, especially when you have two coordinators in place, like the Giants did. But this world is not perfect. This hire is not perfect. I leave you with this sobering prediction:

The next three years will not be fun. The Giants will lose for the next three seasons, Eli will retire among mediocrity and the entire team will get gutted. At least five years until the playoffs. 





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