Bowl Mania: Bowlstradamus tries to rebound

Tough, tough, tough first week or so for Bowlstradamus. Some brutal breaks, but overall just poor selection by me. But I own it. I’ll admit to it. We’re getting back on track starting Monday.

Editor’s Note: This was scheduled to publish early Monday but technical difficulties disallowed it. Deepest apologies from the OneMinuteSports Family. 

Military Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. Navy
Monday, Dec. 28 (2:30 p.m., ESPN)

When it comes to bowl games, players make plays and players win games. Keenan Reynolds is a player and a half, as suggested by him holding the all-time NCAA touchdown record, and he’ll make the plays. Also, Pitt is still two years away from being a competitive program.

The bet: Navy -3. Pretty easy one here.

Quick Lane Bowl: Central Michigan vs. Minnesota                                           Monday, Dec. 28 (6 p.m., ESPN) 

Hahahhahahaha. hahahaha. HA. Minnesota is so, so, so bad. If you go to this game, you have issues. If you watch this game, you have issues. I’m taking Central Michigan here because I just don’t respect the Gophers as a team, institution and entity.


The bet: Please don’t bet this game (Take Central Michigan).

Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl: California vs. Air Force
Tuesday, Dec. 29 (2 p.m., ESPN)

Air Force was a feel good story this season, but I think Cal will be a little too much. Jared Goff is a playmaker and he’ll make ’em when it counts most. Should be a really good game though.

The bet: Air Force +7. They won’t win, but they’ll cover.

Russell Athletic Bowl: North Carolina vs. Baylor
Tuesday, Dec. 29 (5:30 p.m., ESPN)

You look at the two names in this game and you pick Baylor. Unfortunately for Baylor though, they have no real quarterbacks, and in the game of football, that is a problem. Also, UNC impressed me against Clemson in the ACC Championship Game.

The bet: UNC -3.5. This is such a trap game but I will willingly walk into it anyway.

Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl: Nevada vs. Colorado State
Tuesday, Dec. 29 (7:30 p.m., ASN)

Colorado State is riding the hot hand and I certainly like their direction as a program. Mike Bobo did a nice job there after taking over for Jim McElwain, who took the Florida job this year. I’m gonna ride the Rams here.

The bet: CSU -3.

Advocare V100 Bowl: Texas Tech vs. LSU
Tuesday, Dec. 29 (9:00 p.m., ESPN).

Can we talk about what happened to LSU this year? They go from national title favorites and Fournette being well on his way to a Heisman and then POOF, nothing. Les Miles almost got fired! That’s insane! It got raw in Baton-Rouge in 0 to 100, real quick, real quick.

I also have a huge crush on Kliff Kingsbury, and I think this is just the type of game his high-powered, up-tempo, spread offense can win. It’ll be a great matchup against LSU’s fast defense. But if TTU can merely contain Fournette, I think they have a real chance of winning this game.


The bet: TTU +7.5.

Birmingham Bowl: Auburn vs. Memphis
Wednesday, Dec. 30 (noon, ESPN)

Yuck. We finally get some good football and then get this dumped on us. I like this Paxton fella on Memphis, but playing a bowl game without your head coach (Justin Fuente headed to Va. Tech to take over for Frank Beamer) is never easy. But Auburn was just so, so bad, and their defense is gross. I’m taking Memphis. The SEC is dead!


The bet: Memphis +3.

Belk Bowl: NC State vs. Mississippi State
Wednesday, Dec. 30 (3:30 p.m., ESPN)

Oh c’mon. Another extremely mediocre game. I’m actually a Dak Prescott fan, and when you have fans like Stingray Steve, sometimes it ain’t fair.

Hail State! Oh wait, what’s that? The SEC is dead? THE SEC IS DEAD! DEAD! NC State all day. This game is played in Charlotte, home game for the Wolfpack.

The bet: NC State +6. Loooove this.

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl: Louisville vs. Texas A&M
Wednesday, Dec. 30 (7 p.m., ESPN)

A&M can’t keep even one quarterback on their roster and Kevin Sumlin is on the rocks. Louisville has five losses, but three early ones to decent teams. And after my barrage of SEC teams, you expect me to pick a team that lost to LSU, Auburn and Ole Miss? I’m principled, for Christ’s sake. Cardinals.

The bet: Louisville -4.5. Let’s get nuts.

National Funding Holiday Bowl: Wisconsin vs. USC
Wednesday, Dec. 30 (10:30 p.m., ESPN)

Let me vent for a second? Ok, cool, thanks. Guys, Wisconsin stinks. It’s so sad to see. So, I have to pick against them. I just have to be the bigger man here and at worst it’s a hedged bet. USC and Cody Kessler is going to air it out against the secondary, the offense probably won’t get anything going and I’ll cry. These pipes on Joel Stave though.

Except I probably won’t be awake by the final whistle because kickoff is TEN THIRTY! There’s no chance I make it through this thing, and neither should you.

The bet: USC -3. You’re welcome.

Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl: Houston vs. Florida State
Thursday, Dec. 31 (noon, ESPN)

I’ve been on the Coogs bandwagon for a little while now. It’s fun to see them building a program there and I think they’re a good team. They were a sleeper for me all year, and won the AAC, deservedly so. But when I saw this matchup against FSU, I flaked. A couple of days ago, news breaks that Everett Golson got canned for the game and I’m all aboard Houston again, and very confident about it.


The bet: Houston +7. Scared money don’t make money.

(Rest of the day is the Playoffs, which is coming in a separate blog publishing Wednesday)

Outback Bowl: Northwestern vs. Tennessee
Friday, Jan. 1 (noon, ESPN2)

Jesus these teams are overrated. Gun to my head, I’ll go Tennessee because it probably comes down to a shootout and that favors the Vols. Also, after all of the attacks on Peyton Manning, pride is at stake here.

The bet: Northwestern +8. What a gross line, stay away.

Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl: Michigan vs. Florida
Friday, Jan. 1 (1 p.m., ABC)

Wow, two pretentious programs that thought they were hot stuff before they realized they’re still at least one season away from breaking through. Florida doesn’t have a competent quarterback and Michigan is sort of good at football so I’ll take the Wolverines and the points.

The bet: Michigan -4.5. Don’t think, shoot.

BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Ohio State
Friday, Jan. 1 (1 p.m., ESPN)

Both rich tradition programs, and I’ll leave all personal bias out of this because I dislike both institutions equally. What a shame Ohio State was this year. Easily should’ve been the No. 1 team in the nation and Urban Meyer got cute and squandered it all away. I thought Notre Dame got kinda disrespected the whole year, and they’ll be playing like they have something to prove. I’m going Irish.

The bet: ND +6.5.

Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Iowa
Friday, Jan. 1 (5 p.m., ESPN)

Actually super pumped for this game. Hard-nosed, tough football. I love Iowa’s defense going against Christian McCaffrey. At the end of the day though, I think McCaffrey has the last laugh and shows why he deserved the Heisman. Really close and awesome game though.

I’d like to point out that the Rose Bowl is the best game though. Always entertaining and there’s a reason it gets its own time slot.

The bet: Iowa +6. “Ride wit me through the journey to more success.”

Allstate Sugar Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Ole Miss
Friday, Jan. 1 (8:30 p.m., ESPN)

What a slap in the face after we would have been exposed to so much good football. The craziest thing is that Ole Miss and Tennessee were like two plays away from playing each other for the SEC title. That’s bananaland. Anyways, I like Oklahoma State, and I’m tired of researching actual facts as to why I just know they are and you will accept it as fact.

Did I mention the SEC is dead?

The bet: OKST. +7.

TaxSlayer Bowl: Penn State vs. Georgia
Saturday, Jan. 2 (noon, ESPN)

Completely forgot these two teams existed. No Mark Richt for Georgia? Doesn’t matter, Penn State was downright sorry this season. Hopefully Georgia gets their act together in the future so that way the SEC East has some level of parity with its West counterparts. Georgia in a landslide.

The bet: Georgia -7.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl: Kansas State vs. Arkansas
Saturday, Jan. 2 (3:20 p.m., ESPN)

Kansas State is bad and I always gotta side with my boy Bert Bielema. That’s Sir Bert to you, not Brett. Bert. It’s going to be a bloodbath.


The bet: Arkansas -13.

Valero Alamo Bowl: Oregon vs. TCU
Saturday, Jan. 2 (6:45 p.m., ESPN)

This game is a pick ’em, and that’s exactly what I’m here to do — pick ’em. So in this one, we’re going Oregon, because Vernon Adams is a beast and good at football and the TCU defense is not as good at football as him. That’s the analysis you come here for, share that one at the dinner table.

The bet: Oregon.

Motel 6 Cactus Bowl: West Virginia vs. Arizona State
Saturday, Jan. 2 (10:15 p.m., ESPN)

You did it. Congratulations. By this point, you’re tired, hungry, want to stop watching bad football games. But you have one more to watch. After all, two top-tier party schools going at it for the final bowl game.

West Virginia vs. Arizona State. Losing to Kansas State is unacceptable in West Virginia’s case, but other than that hiccup during the last week of the season, the Mountaineers put together a decent campaign. I can’t figure out ASU for the life of me, so I’m going to roll with them, kind of like a blind date.

The bet: ASU +1. Essentially another pick ’em. Godspeed to all of you.

Thanks for reading guys. Have any complaints about my inept predicting abilities? Want to chirp me from your keyboard? Follow me on Twitter @bacafl0ckaflame.


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