The Jets are the best team in New York for the next four years

Oh How sweet it is!

I think sometimes as Jets fans we downplay the importance of this game. Protect ourselves for when the Jets inevitably throw the game away by once again shooting themselves in the foot. And for the majority of the day today, that was the case. But the Jets won this time because they actually ran into a team that is worse at finishing games than they are. I mean WOW. That was some display of shititude by the boys in blue. I mean, you had your foot on our necks, 3rd & goal from a foot away to go up three scores and you couldn’t do it. Yea, the Jets technically won in overtime, but the game was over once Eli threw a pick on 4th and an inch halfway through the 4th. Choke job of the year. Choke job of the next fours years. The Jets took whatever life was still left in the Giants season yesterday, and it was awesome.

I’m so giddy about this game that I literally don’t know which blog I want to write. Do I wanna write about how much the Giants stink and how it’s ridiculous that somebody is still letting Tom Coughlin walk the sidelines? I mean come on, it’s got to be a serious health risk. Maybe I could write how the Jets control their own destiny and how they might actually be a playoff threat? Or do I wanna write about how this is going to propel us to a Super Bowl? Maybe….but nah. I wanna write this one about the love/hate guy of the century,  Mr. Todd Bowles.

Bowles has come in after the Rex Ryan tornado and we’ve seen a rift in Jets nation. We have those still loyal to the Rex regime and feel that Bowles was a reactionary hire who can’t inspire a team like Rex can. On the other side we have the Bowles supporters. The ones who felt that it was time to blow it up and clean it up. Completely change the image of this team and the way they work. Bowles has done that and then some.

The former defensive coordinator from Arizona was brought in because he was, in essence, a no nonsense guy, a guy who didn’t want the gigantic spotlight Rex had. Bowles wanted to take his team, make them better each week, handle the bumps in the road internally, and play football on the field on Sundays, and make the playoffs. Bowles has done that. Well, almost all that.

I’ll admit, there were times today where I was perplexed at the idiocracy of this man. I don’t remember when exactly. Maybe it was after one of the 30 false starts, holdings, and pass interference. But Bowles coached the whole game the same way he goes around and does everything. He kept it cool. He kept the ship steady, and he kept his faith in his players. He knew the Jets were a good enough football team to win that game so he went out and them them do it.

It’s a process, with any new coach. Especially a first-time one. But Bowles has never really seemed to let it get to him. Yea, he’s frustrating sometimes, without any emotion being given on the sideline you start to wonder if he really gives a hoot. But in the end, what I personally like about Bowles is that he’s gotten a little bit of everything from New York in his first few months as Jets coach. First we didn’t know who he was, then we didn’t really care about him, then we loved him, then we hated him, now we…love him again? Yea, I think so. Because winning cures everything. And the Jets actually look set up to do a lot of winning under Bowles.

It’s gonna be a good week! J-E-T-S!!!!









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