Battle for Metlife Stadium: Giants vs. Jets

Let’s clear the air here first. I got a horrifying GroupMe (the GroupMe is LIT, BTW) message from our fearless leader Odawg that we almost lost the domain for our beloved A revelation came over me, if you will. I’ve completely ignored my role as Giants blogger the entire season. I’m here to admit that. I’m a busy man. I’m out here in Middle-America crushing the library staying on top of my studies watching Netflix and chasing women.

Do you think me and Owen started this for the site to wallow in Internet purgatory? Hell no. All the blood, sweat and tears? I’ve fought wars on this blog. It holds too special a place in my heart for me to sit here and do nothing.

So, here’s my summary of the New York Football Giants season to date.

The sickest part for me is the fact that Eli’s best two regular seasons will probably have nothing to show for it.

But the bragging rights are on the line Sunday. I refuse to let the Little Brother New York Jets have this win and carry it for the next four years. And it’s not gonna happen. Ya know why? Time is a flat circle, my good friend Rust Cohle told me. The New York Jets will forever and always be inferior to the New York Giants. It’s a fact of life. In sports, you cannot upset the natural order. Losers are losers and winners are winners. The Jets are losers and the Giants are winners. It’s just a shame Brandon Jacobs can’t tell Rex Ryan “shut up fatboy.”

Cue the pump up video and may the Greater Love of the Christmas Spirit be with you always!:

Giants by a billion trillion million.

Viva la blog, I’m back, baby.





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