Addressing the rumor that we almost lost One Minute Sports/Jets victory guarentee blog

First off, let me address the rumors that I almost lost the domain, and the blog, yesterday. Apparently, the one thing that doesn’t auto-renew is the 12 friggin dollars to keep a domain. So I got a message about three hours before the site was about to expire like “hey man, you know that website you have? Yea, here’s almost no notice (that’s a lie) or else you’ll lose your blog forever”. So miraculously I kept our beloved blog. However, I think that the shock of almost losing his “job” as the Giants writer made Baca remember that he’s our Giants writer (still no message from our Yankees or Islanders guys). But then he came on and made these outlandish statements like the Giants are going to beat the Jets by a trillion? Bro, what are you taking crazy pills? The Giants are trash. I’m not saying that the Jets are the cock of the walk man, but the Jets are an okay team that can win games. I don’t give a crap about history, those are players, coaches and teams that are completely different. The Giants can win all the stupid Super Bowls they want, they’re never going to beat Super Bowles. The only guy on the Giants who is okay is ODB….Okay he’s GREAT. But still, even him making Eli not look like a washed up QB, just like his brother, for a couple hours won’t make a difference. Just look at your trashy schedule

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 4.02.30 PM.png

Your wins came against the Redskins, Bills, 49ers, Cowboys, and Bucs. Whenever you guys play even a semi decent team you crap your pants. The Giants STINK. These aren’t your 2007 or 2011 Giants. These delusions that you have about winning the NFC east at 6-10 and winning the Super Bowl just like the good ‘ol days is nuts. You’re at the end of the road. Eli’s on the wrong side of thirty, and he’s playing like it. Your best defense player has like 7 1/2 fingers. Your coach is on the way out. It’s over. Accept it. Y’all just suck.

And I can say that because sucking is my area of expertise. I’ve seen so many teams suck, I know em when I see em. And those guys, they suck. I get it, the Jets have sucked for the majority of their existence while the Giants have been good. The Jets are just the little brother, playing in the big brother’s stadiums. But the Jets just don’t suck now, I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. And that “winners” and “losers” shit ain’t gonna help you on Sunday. You know why?


That’s why. You guys should be shakin in your boots. The beard is gone and Fitzy is coming for you. The Jets are UNDEFEATED with a beardless RFF. 1.000% winning percentage. Game over. Jets win. Book it.


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