Mets free agency preview

Despite getting to the World Series, everybody who watched the Mets in 2015 knows that there are some flaws on this team, especially with some key pieces declaring for free agency, that need to be fixed. They need the offense from August-October, not the one from May-July (and a week in November). The bullpen was pretty much crap, with the exception of Familia. David Wright will most likely be playing closer to 100 games than 150, and the Mets will likely be #Without28, making the infield….not worse….but not better…..just different. Point is, the next step for the Mets is not just winning the World Series, but setting up the team to be a perennial contender. The core is there with the superstar starting pitchers and some big young bats, but it’s time for the Wilpons to hold up their end of the bargain. The fans showed up, now it’s time for them to pony up. I never am confident in the Wilpons doing anything, but here are some guys they should look at if they want to decide to play winning baseball.

Center Field:

  1. Yoenis Cespedes: 6/160 million

The World Series left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mounts, but there’s no denying that making a serious financial run is a MUST unless another team makes a crazy 200 million dollar offer. The Mets have to be all in on Cespedes

2) Colby Rasmus: 3/45 million

Rasmus would bring the power to the lineup that the Mets would lose with Cespedes, he hit 25 HR’s last year, but he would also bring his .248 average and 413 strikeouts over the last three seasons.

3) Dexter Fowler: 4/40 million

Fowler is another option to look at that could come to New York and contribute. He’s young (29), a .271/.368/.422 slash line since 2012 is encouraging, he has a little pop (17 home runs last year), and can swipe a base (20 last year). He’s along the same mold of Curtis Granderson back when he was on the Tigers.

4) Denard Span: 2/16 million

Was injured for most of the 2015 season, but other than that Span has been a proven commodity, a guy who gets on base, he batted .302 in 2012. The Mets didn’t have one hitter bat over .300 in 2015.


  1. Ben Zobrist, 2B/3B/OF: 4/60

Outside of Cespedes, Zobrist should be the Mets top priority. Zobrist doesn’t just fill every hole the Mets lose with Murphy, but he’s more solid defensively and won’t Murph things up. Zobrist’s flexibility in the infield would allow Wright to platoon more often, and give Granderson a few days off here or there in Right Field.

2) Ian Desmond, SS/2B: 5/55 million

If Sandy isn’t sold on Flores/Tejada/Herrera in the middle infield, Desmond was on the Mets radar after he turned down a 100 million dollar extension from Washington. Desmond got off to a disasterous start in 2015, and never really recovered. He finished with 19 home runs, but his value took a big hit in the process. Maybe the Mets interest will peak now that desmond is sitting at 50% off.

3) Juan Uribe, 3B/2B: 1/4 million

I’m not sure if I want Uribe back because I really think he’s an essential member of making this a better team, or if I just love everything about him and don’t want to see him leave.

4) Kelley Johnson, 1B/2B/OF: 1/2.5 million

A lefty off the bench that every team needs. Is a nice utility man that can play everything. Doesn’t do anything great, or anything awful, but he was quietly a nice member of this team

Relief Pitcher

  1. Darren O’Day: 2/16 million

O’Day has been just dominant the last four seasons in Baltimore, almost unhitable. Made the all-star game this season as a set-up man. Would instantly make the Mets 8th-9th inning combo one of, if not the, best in the league

2) Joakim Soria: 2/12 million

The former all-star closer has found a second life after missing the entire 2012 season. He’s become one of the best late inning relievers in the game, and somebody the Mets could greatly use.

3) Addison Reed: 1/6 million

Reed proved himself to be a nice option out of the pen in his brif stint in Flushing. Had some strong performances in the postseason and earned himself a place in the 7th/8th innning this season for the Mets

4) Jason Motte: 1/4 million

A nice middle reliever from Chicago who would beef up the middle relief of the pen.

3 thoughts on “Mets free agency preview

  1. This is where you wish the Mets had a little Billy Beane to their front office doings. They need a better defensive 2nd basemen, two more good bats, and a better bullpen. That’s all!

    1. They have Billy Beane’s mentor! The movie doesn’t show the 10 years Beane worked directly under Sandy. He’s a baseball maverick, if the coupons give him the dough, he’ll deliver

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