The Mets are who we thought they were, but it’s not over

A Murphy error, an imploding bullpen, an offense that never could put away a team. A hell of a performance from a kid making his eighth career start, on the biggest stage in the world, and the rest of the team f%$*s him. Ladies and gentleman, the story of your 2015 Mets. Hell, your 2007-2015 Mets.

This isn’t a letter of surrender though. No, no, no, no, no, no. Kansas City isn’t getting off that easy. Are the Mets the best team in baseball? No. Not by any stretch of the imagination. We found that out this series. The talent is there, it’s just not ready. BUT. The Mets still can take this thing. It doesn’t matter what anybody says, if they win the next three, they’re champs and nobody can take that away from them. If not, then they’re the overachieving youngsters who once upon a time had a magical run in a postseason.

I refuse to waive the white flag until the clock strikes midnight. Until the Mets blow one more lead. Until the Mets give us one more game of futile offense. Until we get one more moronic play by #IMWith28. Until we see Lucas Duda strike out one more time on a slider three feet out of the strike zone. Until Terry misuses Clippard and Familia one more time. The Mets are still breathing.

Harvey on the mound tonight. One more glimmer of hope.

Mets in 7.


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