Todd Bowles turned into Rex Ryan, the Jets came up short in Foxborough, and other stuff happened…..

I’ll start out by saying this. I don’t hate the way that we lost the game yesterday. I’m a little skeeved because the Jets could’ve won that game. It was out there for the taking. The Jets weren’t able to convert field goals into touchdowns, and against the Patriots, that kills you. Every single time. They’re the best team in the league, they can win when they’re not at their best. And make no mistakes, the Patriots were far from their best yesterday. You can never count on them dropping that many passes. I mean, it got ridiculous at some point. Brandon LaFell? Jesus Christmas dude, have yourself a day. Seven drops. Wow.

But that’s what was encouraging about the Jets. Every time it looked like Brady and the offense were getting it together, the Jets would get a key stop, or Decker would pick up a huge third down. The Jets never went away in this game, and that a great thing to see. This is a good Jets team, and if it didn’t put the whole league on notice, I bet it did put one coach up in New England on notice. There’s some competition in the AFC East.

  • Okay, so what the actual fuck was Todd Bowles thinking in the last two minutes?!?!?!?! A 5-year-old playing madden for the first time knows that if you’re down with under two minutes you burn all three timeouts so you get the ball back. You don’t sit there expressionless (to be fair that’s Bowles most of the time), while the Pats run a little tight end screen to Gronk for a touchdown. HORRIBLE sequence. Didn’t call the timeout, then didn’t get the play/substitutions in on time, then gave up a touchdown. Nail in the coffin
  • OH WAIT NO! Because the Patriots gifted the Jets one more opportunity on an onside kick. So naturally with 10 seconds left and no timeouts, the logical thing is to throw the ball over the middle juuuuust far enough to make it almost impossible to spike the ball. BUT THEY DID! They got the spike off, they’re gunna have one more chance! Somehow, they’re have one more heave at the end zone. But wait….Oh no, Brandon Marshall jumped. False start. Game over. Gross.
  • Chris Ivory playing hurt the whole game was less than ideal. He still played well despite what I’m sure we’ll find out tomorrow is a torn hamstring, but it was visible that he just didn’t have it today. He couldn’t hit the edge on runs to the outside and didn’t have any burst going through the hole. Rest up big guy.
  • Zac Stacy saw a lot of time on the field with Bilal Powell being injured and Ivory limited, especially in the Jets passing situations. 7 rushes/19 yards, 1 catch/11 yards.
  • Fitzmagic was all over the place today. Literally. The woolly mammoth/Harvard graduate was making moves all over the field. He had a few passes batted down by an aggresive Pats D-line in the first half, so he adjusted and moved out of the pocket for most of the game. He finished 22/39 for 295 yards with two touchdowns, no picks, and scrambled for 29 yards. Great game for Fitzy. That’s the veritas.
  • Eric Decker baby! Cripes man, that guy was everywhere on 3rd down! It felt like the Jets converted every single 3rd and long on a pass to Decker. 6 receptions/ 96 yards.
  • Jeremy Kerley sighting! Three catches for 27 yards and the first touchdown of the game! I don’t know why he doesn’t get a bigger role in this offense, but he just keeps doing good things.
  • Nick Mangold is going in for neck X-rays. That’s not good. Calvin Pryor never came back in the game either. Also not good.
  • Little Tommy Bohanon! Two big catches for first downs. I think I just like saying the name Tommy Bohanon, so I love when the fullback get his name on the statsheet.
  • No turnovers for the defense. They did a great job containing the Patriots offense, despite what the scoreboard may say. But, Jets fans know that this defense is built on big plays and creating turnovers. If that doesn’t happen, we won’t usually like the result on the scoreboard.
  • The Patriots passed it 54 times! And ran it only five!!!! Holy unconfidence in you run game Batman!
  • I really hope Steve Weatherford didn’t burn any bridges leaving his radio gig.
  • Flying out to Oakland for a 4:00 game next week against the Raiders. This isn’t a bad Raiders team, they beat San Diego yesterday and are 3-3 on the season. Derek Carr is turning into a nice little quarterback out there, and the offense is nothing to stick your nose up at. But that won’t matter. The defense will get back to it’s turnover hungry ways and wreak havoc on the 2nd year quarterback. Fitzy will lead the ship steady as she goes and the Jets will coast to a 31-10 win in Oakland.

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