Operation New Kids on the Block: Jets vs. Patriots battle for first place at 1:00

You hear that?


Nothing? Really???

But this was Jets-Patriots week? Surely somebody took a shot at Bill Bellichick’s jewelry, or, maybe called Tom Brady a whiny metrosexual? NO? But….why not???

Well, because these are the Todd Bowles Jets. All the talk, and all the ego’s, they left with Rex. This is a new team, with a new face. And it’s a cool black guy. And EVERYBODY loves a cool black guy. Much more than a curmudgeon white dude in cut-off sweatshirts. To go with that, this team has talent. And somehow, they’re flying under the radar for the first time since probably the pre-Brett Favre days in like 2007. That was when we had the Mangenious!

These Jets aren’t going to talk, they’re going to go about their business on the field and let the record do the talking. They know they’re a good team. They also know that they’re not a great team. Not yet. But they know that this is their game. Their statement game. Against the Patriots, it always is.

The Pats are the class of the division. They’re the World Champs. They’re undefeated. So what better time than the present to show the league that the Jets are here and that they’re ready for the show. But that’s what’s different about this team. They know that they have a chance to do that this week. But they know that the only time they can do that is on Sunday. Talking doesn’t score points.

It’s going to be a fun game. Not because of what one coach is going to say after the game or how this is going to affect the rivalry, but because these are two good football teams. The Pats offense, as always, is top notch. Their defense, although stripped of their playmakers from last season, is solid. But this is a reborn Jets team. The defense is among the best in the NFL and can take the ball away on any given play. The quarterback went to Harvard AND isn’t going to run into the right guard. Sadly that’s a plus. The running back is a fucking monster and the 1-2 combo at wide receiver has done wonders for the passing game. The Patriots better not take these new-look Jets for granted, because if they do, they’ll find themselves in 2nd place come Monday morning.

This is a great time to be a Jets fan. All signs point to not just a bright future, but a bright future that might not be so far away. We just need to take that next step. Beat the Pats today, and the Jets won’t be flying under the radar anymore.

Jets win 24-17.


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