Brandon Marshall thinks football is kill the carrier, the Jets still don’t have a quarterback and other stuff happened…..The Jets aren’t back

I’m not going to lie, I actually believed this week that this had a chance to be a special team. Now, I’m not gonna panic after one game, even though it was a pretty bad game, but there were not many encouraging signs. The played sloppy football, took too many penalties, and were never able to establish a rhythm on offense. The defense came out flat and the Eagles made them pay for it, getting up 24-0 by the 2nd quarter. They had no business being in the game as late as they were and pretty much having a chance to tie it with a minute to go. That’s more of a testament to how bad the Eagles really are, not how good or bad the Jets are. We learned today that the Jets are a very mediocre team, well, I guess we we confirmed today that the Jets are a mediocre team.

  • On the subject of mediocrity, let’s talk about Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick was 35-for-58 for 283 yards. He threw two touchdowns, but three picks, and he may have beaten Chad Pennington’s record of number of passes five yards or less (I don’t know if that’s a real stat….but it sounds true). Anytime Ryan Fitzpatrick is throwing the ball 58 times, you know something is wrong
  • Something that was wrong was the Jets running game. It wasn’t there. Chris Ivory was ruled out before the game bumping Bilal Powell up on the depth chart and giving him the start today. Powell ran into a wall almost every time he took the ball, and ended up with 13 carries for 31 yards. Powell is more of a threat in the pass game than as a feature back, and he showed that by making seven catches for 44 yards. It’s clear though, the Jets look like crap if they don’t have Chris Ivory
  • Jeremy Kerly sighting! Todd Bowles let the third year receiver out of the doghouse and he caught six passes for 33 yards and a touchdown
  • Brandon Marshall had trouble getting open all day but was still able to connect with Fitzpatrick 10 times for 109 yards and a touchdown. Without Decker on the other side, the defense focused in on Marshall an took any big plays away
  • Brandon Marshall also did this


  • The defense came out and looked like poopy. Wide open receivers, horrible tackling and the Eagles were up 24-0 before you could even blink. But, this is what you get with this defense. If they aren’t getting sacks or turnovers on the reg then it could be a long day.
  • They got one on a David Harris forced fumble and fumble recovery. Just another game where we’re reminded how vastly underrated David Harris is. He’s the quarterback of the defense and the longest tenured Jet, but he just flies under the radar. 10 tackles and a fumble today. Nbd.
  • Sam Bradford threw at Darrelle Revis once and it was 20 feet over his head. Pansy.

Heading across the pond next week for a 9:30 am battle against the Dolphins because the NFL is desperate to get people to like the NFL in Europe. I hate it so much, I’ll probably miss the first half but in the end it won’t matter. Jets win 23-13, the offense gets back on track with the balance of Ivory and Decker on the field. The front seven will tear through the paper thin Dolphins offensive line and Tannehill won’t stand a chance.

But in the end, Tannehill really wins…..

Lauren Tannehill & Ryan Tannehill


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