The Jets are back! The 2-0 reaction blog

  • Darrelle mothafuckin Revis. Week 1 was his first regular season game back in New York, but last night was really his return to the Jets. National television, spotlight on the Luck vs Revis battle and Revis did what Revis does. He took every receiver he was covering on to the island and would occasionally take the ball away, just to shake things up. Did we forget just how good this guy really is? Two fumble recoveries, an interception, and he just bought a huge chunk of real estate in Andrew Luck’s head. Maybe another island……
  • The defense is really, really, really good. Isn’t it amazing what this defense is capable of when they have the corners to compliment their star studded front seven? How many turnovers is this team going to finish the year with? 50? 100? 150? In reality though, that’s how this defense is going to live or die this season, with turnover. So there’s Bowles at the helm, a secondary that is one of, if not the best in the league, a front seven that gives OC’s and QB’s fits AND Sheldon Richardson comes back in three weeks. This could be a special defense, 2009, 2010 territory.
  • Don’t want this to go unmentioned even though they won. Call me a Debbie downer, but i don’t think he should be let off the hook. The Jets offense looked really…above average in the first half, got up 10-0, and then Chan Gaily pumped the brakes at the end of the first half and into the second half.  I know the defense is really good, but they aren’t going to let up zero points. Milking the clock in the third quarter isn’t the greatest strategy, just ask Shotty.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick might be a real QB 1. 22/34, 244 yds, two TD’s, one pick that wasn’t a bad interception at all. But Fitzy’s chemistry with Marshall and Decker is unbelievable. Okay, Indy’s secondary situation isn’t the best in the NFL, but those two guys made the Colts defense look like swiss cheese. Fitzpatrick, Marshall and Decker look like they’ve been playing together for eight years. The two of them combined for 198 of the 244 passing yards.
  • Brandon Marshall is so obviously Santonio Holmes 2.0, or I guess Keyshawn Johnson 3.0 but this is the good part where we all love him and he’s really good, so yayyyy!!!
  • Buster Skrine is really good. Eight tackles last night, and he’s pretty much playing the same role in the nickel that Kyle Wilson has played the last four years, except Skrine isn’t completely incompetent at his job and it’s super helpful
  • Calvin Pryor has gotten a lot better since his rookie year. five tackles in each of the first two weeks, a forced fumble last week -his specialty- and an interception last night. The Louisville slugger is here to stay
  • Leonard Williams, the Jets first round pick made four tackles in his second game. He clogged the middle and made the night suck for Frank Gore
  • Eagles up next week. Over/Under is currently at 1 rushing yard for Demarco Murray. Sam Bradford will be dead by the second quarter. The Sanchize will come in to save the day, and then Revis and co will take turns returning interceptions for touchdowns. Chip Kelly will sacrificed by Eagle fans upon returning to Philly and given to the pope in hope of striking a deal with god. Tim Tebow will be re-signed the next day. Oh, and the Jets win 31-13. The Jets are back!!!
  • "You're not gunna wanna sit down for a while kid"
    “You’re not gunna wanna sit down for a while kid”
  • Game recaps: (New York Post)(Daily News)(Gang Geen Nation)(Bleacher Report)(ESPN)
  • Highlights: (

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