I will blog during the playoffs

Owen Condon:
One Minute Sports New York City Bureau chief

You’ve heard about the 180-185 of blogs per season cap in my return from. That seems to be the number that will allow me to blog into the postseason. Regardless of those blogs that I’ve already written and no matter how many blogs I’m at, I hope everyone knows: I have always wanted to blog. I have always wanted to blog every single chance I get.

Especially in the playoffs.

Right now we’re hunkered down in a fight to blog about whether or not the Mets are going to make the postseason. All of our efforts are focused on that task. As a team, we here at One Minute Sports understand that there’s still a lot of baseball left to blog about. The chance to blog a run in the playoffs will require my full dedication, energy and passion. No time for the gym, not during this run, I have to hunker down and blog this. This is an incredibly exciting time to be a blogger who writes about the Mets.

As a blogger, when your surgeon explains to you the risks of exceeding a certain number of innings, you’re confused, because you’re a blogger, and you don’t have a surgeon. And you don’t pitch. But it can be alarming. You listen.

I love to play baseball and I love winning even more, but I suck at baseball so I’m forced into the blog game. I would not give that up for anything, but there has never been a doubt in my mind: I will blog during the playoffs. I will be cold, maybe a little drunk, at the stadium and ready to go.

I tried communicating with my agent, my new surgeon, my good friend Sandy (Alderson) and I can assure everyone that none of them have returned my calls

Together here at One Minute Sports, we are coming up with a plan to reach a blogs limit during the season. I understand the risks. I am also fully aware of the opportunity One Minute Sports has this postseason.

Winning the division and getting to the playoffs is our goal.

Once we are there, I will be there. And I will blog it.


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