Happy Birthday Mike Piazza!

On September 4th, 1968, at approximatly 1:31 am (just kidding, I don’t know when he was born, that would be kinda creepy…..) Michael Joseph Piazza was born, and from that point on the world would never be the same.

427 home runs, 1335 RBI, a .308 lifetime batting average, 12 All-Star teams, nine silver slugger awards, zero positive PED tests, one weird period of time where he dyed his hair blond, a few accusations that he might be gay, future hall of famer, New York sports hero, Mets legend, the greatest hitting catcher of all time, and my personal hero. Mike, from all of us here at One Minute Sports, we just want to wish you the happiest of birthdays, we love you more than we’ll probably love our first born children, and if you’re ever looking to get into the blog game, the players tribune is for pussies, come to One Minute Sports.

I can’t pay you…….

Now, I implore everybody reading to pay tribute to the man, the myth, the legend…..Mike Piazza:

His beef with Clemens…..

And of course…..How can anybody forget when he put a city on his back


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