The Return of the Captain: David Wright set to play Monday night in Philly

“Hey Chris, did you hear David Wright is being activated from the disabled list and expected to start at third base Monday night?”


This video should receive an Emmy for Greatest Video of All Time, just saying.

For four months, the Mets have scrapped and clawed their way to 11 games over .500 and a division lead. All without their arguably best hitter, starting third baseman and team leader David Wright.

Well look who’s back just in time for when the fun (read: division chase that will kill Mets fans) begins.

The biggest thing for Mets fans will to acknowledge it won’t be the same David Wright. Definitely not ’06 Wright, probably not even ’13 DW. That pains me to say, but it’s true.

In fact, I had a psychological breakdown about this a few months ago.


That’s not the point though. The emphasis should be on the Captain refusing to abandon his team. To work his butt off to get back with a group of 25 guys that become a family over the course of 162 games.

So let us tip our caps to David Wright, our Captain, and the 2nd-greatest Met of all-time.

One more go round, David. Just give me some October baseball.

d wright sexy


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