MLB Postseason schedules set, Mets playing October 9th

Mark it down on your calenders, October 9th, our quest for World Series number three begins. Major League Baseball announced the schedules for this years playoffs today, and because the Mets are almost certainly going to be making the playoffs through a division title (if they make it), their first game will be against the Dodgers or the Giants on Friday, October 9th on TBS. Here’s the complete schedule of the Mets future post-season games. We’re the NLDS B schedule:


I’m no longer afraid of jinxing the Mets. I don’t care about what happened this weekend, we played two really tough, extra inning games against the second best team in baseball that could’ve gone either way, then threw in a clunker on Sunday. The Nationals can’t beat anybody right now, they couldn’t beat half of these Little League teams in Williamsport right now. We still have deGrom, Harvey and Syndergaard. Plus Niese is pitching well and Matz is on the horizon. Despite a tough weekend with the bats, this is now a team that hits better than most teams in the league, and with the captain hopefully coming back as soon as this weekend, this has the making of a very dangerous playoff roster. So go ahead, call me a jinx, a mush. I don’t care, because for the first time in almost a decade, the Mets look like their a team heading for the playoffs and I’m going to enjoy every second of it, cockiness and all.


Update: Mayor de Blasio just scheduled the parade for November 6th sooooo we’re jinxed


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