Who’s your favorite young Mets phenom? (Reader Poll)

Simple enough question, the Mets have a million young guys and every one is more exciting than the next. Every young arm has come up and seems like it’s a more electric one than the last. Prospect after prospect, the baseball maverick built up the farm system and now the Mets are reaping the rewards. It’s more fun to be a Met fan right now than it has been maybe since 2006. Our guys are young, talented and have their entire careers in front of them. I’m getting giddy just writing this article, now let’s vote!

The choices:

Matt Harvey:

The Dark Knight, the one who got it all started. He’s not the hero we deserve, but the hero we needed. Only 26 years old, Harvey is already one of the most revered pitchers in Mets history. He’s no longer the new toy, but he’s still Matt freaking Harvey.

Jacob deGrom:

Not only the best pitcher on the Mets this year, but arguably the best pitcher in baseball. Last years rookie of the year has followed up a spectacular rookie year with an even more amazing sophomore season. Dude is money.

Noah Syndergaard:

The Norwegian God Thor has been dominant in the last month, topped off by last night’s eight inning, three hit shutout, where he took a perfect game through six innings. Oh yea, and he’s only 22!!!

Steven Matz:

We haven’t seen Matz in over three weeks, but remember how awesome this guy was? 1.37 ERA through two starts, four RBI in his debut, and his grandpa is the man! Matz is only 24, and should be the Lefty arm in this rotation for years to come.

Michael Conforto:

He’s only been up for four games, but the excitement surrounding this guy is amazing. Conforto has the potential to be a 20-25 home run a year guy and has already shown he has what it takes to hit at the major league level

Eric Campbell:

Just kidding


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