Youngbloods lose third straight: Panic City

It’s certainly not the best of times in Youngblood county.

After beginning the year with a huge win over the arch rival Morning Woods in a mega-bowl rematch, it has gone downhill fast for the Youngbloods, and after losing last night’s contest 20-15, the ‘Bloods have now dropped three in a row. Oh how the mighty have fallen. It’s not just that they’ve lost these games, the ‘Bloods are used to losing, but they’ve just been lost in heartbreaking fashion. First, it was a 10 run 7th inning that did the ‘Bloods in last Tuesday. Then, another killer loss, a walkoff to a bunch of old dudes after having a huge lead going into the bottom of the fifth. We tied it in the top of the seventh, but a bloop walk-off-single did in the bloods and it was officially a losing streak.

That brings us to last night. Those douchebags the “pink sox”, are the most annoying team in the league, but they may also be the best. So, when we put up an eight spot in the top of the first inning, people started to turn their heads. Could the Youngbloods really win this one tonight? Well, it looked that way for a while. The bats were rolling, the fielding was superb, and ya boy Owen was pitching a gem on the mound. Then, as the Youngbloods always seem to do, we let the game spiral out of control…

At the end of the third we were up 14-2. Yes, that’s right, 14-2. Over the next 3 innings however, the Socks went on to score 18 unanswered runs.

18. Unanswered. Runs.

If that’s not Youngbloods softball, I don’t know what is. But there was something different about last night. We weren’t throwing the ball all over the field making error after error (well, we made a few, and threw it around a little, but that’s not the point). We were hitting the ball well and weren’t making rediculous mistakes on the basepaths. We were making the plays we were supposed to make. But last night wasn’t about fielding. Last night we had to outhit these guys. I don’t care how good of a pitcher that guy Owen Condon is (he’s pretty fucking good), nobody was going to stop these guys from hitting for seven innings.

Last night was less about the Youngbloods ability to play softball and more about the Youngbloods inability to get timely hits. We hit way to many easy flies out to the outfield, especially considering they only had nine guys. The power hitters were ripping the ball, but got unlucky a lot, but what I think was noticeable by anybody watching this game was that only a few of the hitters were playing to their strengths. Believe it or not, we’re one of the more athletic teams in this league (I know, shocking), but nobody is getting helped out with little pop flies to the outfield because they were trying to make something happen on their own. Everybody needs to be more patient at the plate, myself included, and more focused on hitting the ball where they can get on base, not swinging as hard as possible and hoping to see the ball go 800 feet.

Just my two cents.

Game Notes

  • The Yabo streak ended last night. Ryan Carlino had hit a home run in four straight games, and was close to hitting his fifth, hitting a laser down the line, but it  was caught by the right fielder
  • Jon Kruse had maybe his best game of the season. He went 3-for-4 with three RBI
  • Jon Bona, coming off a rough game when he was moved up to the 2 hole and went 0-for-3, found his grove again being moved back down to his normal seven spot. He went 2-for-3 and scored a pair
  • Cha boy Owen had another solid game at the plate. I went 2-for-3 with one run and three RBI (Stay back ladies)…..But I gave up 20 runs (how many of them were earned ehhhhh I don’t know)
  • This was the largest blown lead in Youngbloods history…..I think. After going up 14-2 in the top of the third, Pink Sox scored five in the third, five in the fourth, and eight in the sixth to take control for good.

Box score from last night:


Season stats to date:



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