Money Monell and Captain Kirk Lead Mets to 3-0 Win over Giants

The Giants actually gave this one to the Mets. Couldn’t ask for a team to lose a game harder than the Giants just did against the Mets, which is refreshing because the Mutts are usually on the other side of that entity.

There was zero doubt in my mind Monell would pop up, Duda would strike out and then Lagares would ground out. That’s how I saw the top of the ninth going. But no, Money Monell just rips a down an in cutter down the right field line and the Mets have won 3 of 4 on this West Coast swing.

Overlooked is Captain Kirk Nuewenheis’ double to set up second and third. That was equally shocking. I think Kirk was hitting .130 before that, and when you’re batting average is close to how old people have lived on this Earth, that’s a problem.

Like I said, unreal string of hits:

Conversation in Mets front office: 
We gotta make a big offensive splash, what do we do?

Neuwenheis. The people will never see it. It’s genius. 

Do we have to spend any money?

Just a plane ticket from Las Vegas to San Fransisco.

That’s a little steep, but I guess we have to show our fans we’re willing to spend for those big bats like Kirk. 


Let’s keep the train rolling boys! Can’t wait to see you break our hearts sometime in August!!


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