Youngbloods softball….first place

It happened. Sure, it happened last Wednesday, and I’m just getting to writing the blog now, but it happened. The Youngbloods beat Morning Wood on Wednesday night in the opening game of the season* and officially, for the first time in the history of the bloods, we find ourselves in first place.

1-0, yes ladies and gentleman, 1-0. This isn’t your grandpa’s Youngbloods. This is a deeper, more talented team than El Capitan has ever put out on that field. He put cha boy on the the mound and I kinda threw a gem (15 runs in 7 innings, not bad if I don’t say so myself). However, the win didn’t come easy. We went down 8-1 to start the game until an insane 10 run 4th inning woke everybody up. It was neck and neck the rest of the way. Neither team could pull away and in classic ‘bloods fashion, going into the top o the 7th, we carried a 3 run lead and instead of getting out of there quick and easy, we threw the ball all around the field until we squandered our cushion and had to win it in the bottom of the inning. We’re not really used to this whole winning thing, so late inning heroics aren’t a familiar sighting around Youngbloods Softball. But with a runner on in the bottom of the 7th, Ryan Carlino stepped up and cracked one to left center that got passed the outfielder and rolled to the wall.

Youngbloods win.

Game Notes

  • Former assistant captain and One Minute Sports Vice President Chris Bumbaca joined the Youngbloods for the rivalry game against the Woods. It was Baca’s first time being back with the team since he abandoned us for Kansas City
  • Special shoutout to the other Bumbaca, Matt. He just graduated high school and hosted a hella awesome grad party. Most of the bloods were in attendance. Great job kid.
  • Jon Bona is 7-for-7 on the season. He almost certainly has been taking steroids, but nonetheless is leading the bloods in average and is looking great doing it, if I don’t say so myself
  • Carlino blasted hist 2nd home run of the season. He’s officially being put on Giancarlo Stanton home run watch and is going after the single season Youngbloods home run record (also held by him)

next game: Tuesday at 9


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