True Detective episode II review: Night Finds You

Geez, what to say about True Detective last night. All I was left with, was WOW. After a somewhat underwhelming first episode last week, we were all taken for a ride by Pizzolatto last night. From start to finish, I thought that this was one hell of an episode, from Frank Semyon’s monologue in the beginning, to the shocker at the end, it felt like this week was always moving forward. The first episode gave off the feel that it was a little unorganized, that it was a little hard to follow, and a little dull. Well, strike all three of those complaints from the record because True Detective may have returned last week, but it was only until last night that we saw, True Detective is back.

Ok, so if you haven’t seen it, you really should stop reading this, or at least watch the final sequence here. Now, on to spoilers

Where do we go now? The one thing that everybody agreed on through two episodes of viewing, was that Colin Farrell is a hella good actor, and was going to make this season so god damn fun to watch. So of course they decided to have Birdman (or the unexpected virtue of ignorance) give Ray Velcoro a couple of shells to the gut. I just have no clue where the show is going to go from here. It’s not really a secret that the rest of the acting is a little bit lifeless. Taylor Kitsch had a good scene or two but he’s putting me to sleep almost every time he’s on screen. Vince Vaughn was great in his soliloquy to open up the episode, and although it toed the line of corny and intriguing, V.V. was on point in “Night Finds You”. I thoroughly enjoyed McAdams and Farrell’s pairing. The long drives and deep, dark backgrounds of them made for some very interesting back and forth, including of course my favorite line “Just so you know, I support feminism, mostly by having body-image issues” delivered by Farrell. Dad bods for life bro. God damn why’d you have to die!!!

But what’s next? Farrell is signed up for 8 episodes, so what I’m thinking is that this is going to be a season told in reverse, much the same way they did it last year, when they flip-flopped between 1995 and present day. I fully support Pizzolatto and whatever route he does decide to take us on, but I’m still a little worried, especially now that the show doesn’t have it’s favorite toy to lean on when the other actors suck, because they fired a shotgun at his chest.

Props to the show though, in today’s age of TV, we’re almost immune to these “twists” in episodes. Every week, it seems like a show is trying to pull off the next “red wedding” and say “oh year we got you!”, but it always either seems forced or we just stopped really caring about the characters. Not True Detective, no, they took their most popular character, their highest profile actor, and their best shot at making this a memorable season, and put him six feet in the ground.

I love it.


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