David Wright still clutching on to 5th in All Star voting


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What? Who says the All-Star game voting is a joke? Show me somebody who thinks the All-Star game is messed up and I’ll show you a liar. I mean, this seems like a pretty fullproof system doesn’t it? David Wright’s earned his spot on the team, the stats don’t lie, this is a certifiable All-Star season if I’ve ever seen one:


In all seriousness, it’s pretty ridiculous that David Wright is 5th in the voting. Sorta how it was a joke the last few years of Jeter’s career when he was hitting .220 and starting in All-Star games. But really this boils down to one thing, if you actually give a shit about where somebody is in the All-Star voting, or even who makes the stupid team, you’re either 10 years old or a total fucking loser. The game is about nothing but money, it’s about putting asses in the seats and eyeballs on the TV screen. That’s why they keep doing the stupid Home Run Derby every year, even though everybody agrees it’s painful to watch. If Bud Selig Rob Manfred had his way, he’d have Jeter trotting out to play shortstop this year too. Nobody cares about who wins the game, that’s why there are 70 players on each team. If they really wanted a competitive game they’d have like 8 guys who play the whole game, but obviously that’s not the case.

I am actually a little bit shocked that Wright isn’t a little higher on this list. I guess because his injury is pretty public that people know not to vote for him, but if you think about who votes for the game, it’s little kids on their Ipads and shit. Do you really expect me to believe that an 11 year old will vote for Todd Frazier over David Wright? The face of baseball? No, I call bullshit. Let me be clear, Todd Frazier is a superior Third Baseman, but I doubt little jimmy in the 3rd grade is filling out his ballot knowing that Frazier is 4th in the NL in SLG and OPS (.599/.956).

Whatever, the All-Star game is stupid anyway. All that matters is……First place baby!


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