Draft Kings lineup June 15th

Last night recap: Didn’t play on Sunday after we took a big hit on Saturday, but I’m feeling a good week, so let’s get started
Today’s lineup picks:

P Dallas Keuchel $9,600
P Carlos Rondon $6,500
C Buster Posey $4,000
1B David Ortiz $4,600
2B Kolten Wong $4,100
3B Miguel Cabrera $5,600
SS Alcides Escobar $3,700
OF Michael Cuddyer $3,700
OF Rajai Davis $4,200
OF Andre Ethier $3,700

Pitchers: Dallas Keuchel has had a fantastic season to date, he’s coming into this matchup against the Rockies with a 1.90 ERA, and although he doesn’t seem like a great play in DFS because of his low K/9 count, but the Rockies strikeout more than anybody else, so I’m riding high on Keuchel tonight. The other guy I’m going with tonight is Carlos Rondon of the White Sox pitching in Pittsburgh tonight. Rondon, a rookie, has been pitching very well of late, in his last four starts, he’s gone six innings giving up one run or fewer everytime. There’s no reason to believe that he can’t do that again tonight against a struggling Pirates offense.

Also look at: Francisco Liriano (10,000), Gio Gonzalez ($8,500)

Hitters: The lineup today is revolving around Miggy Cabrera. We spent $5,600 on him, so for that kind of cash I have to be pretty confident in Cabrera tonight, and there’s plenty of reasons to be optimistic, but I only need one. The Reds are pitching a guy named Jon Moscot, now, all credit in the world to Jon Moscot, but I don’t see him out-dueling arguably the best hitter of our generation. Cabrera for big points tonight, I also took Rajai Davis on Detroit because of the Moscot affect. I never spend much money on catchers, but picked Travis d’Arnaud today, then realized he wasn’t starting,so I’m going with Posey. Andre Ethier and Michael Cuddyer have been in my lineup almost every day for the last week and with good reason. They’re cheap options who have put up solid numbers for a while now. Whenever Ethier is facing a righty, have him in your lineup.

Also look at: Paul Goldschmidt ($5,200), Dustin Pedroia ($4,500)


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