Mikey Cuddy is (Fire emoji) (Fire emoji) (Fire emoji) … Mets Beat Braves

Three double plays in 7, 8, 9 to finish the Braves (Nick Markakis STINKS), and the Mets take the opener 5-3. Big Sexy Bartolo tied for the major league lead in wins. Wilmer Flores and Jon Mayberry Jr. getting jiggy with it over the left field wall.

The biggest story the past couple of nights though is the awakening and revitalization of Grandpa Michael Cuddyer. He’s hitting .316 with 4 RBI’s in June. He walked off last night and has been hitting the ball squarely lately. Terry Collins said the other night if Cuddy could get hot, it completely changes the middle of the lineup for the Mets.

A hint of gray. A silver fox.
A hint of gray. A silver fox.

I couldn’t agree any more with that statement, and Terry and I don’t see eye-to-eye on many things. While he is old (very, very old) if he could keep even close to this level of production I think the Mets pick up between 4-6 wins on the season. And in a division that might as well be a race to the bottom, that could prove to be pivotal.

I’m still not completely sold on this team, but with d’Arnaud back and some guys turning it around, they might make a run at this. Just keep us in it until the All-Star break.

Here’s a catchy song by a nerdy white guy.


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