Mets vs. Braves series preview

The Mets ended the three game set with the Giants last night when Michael Cuddyer smoked a fastball from Sergio Romo for a single to center field to walk it off. If only the whole series could’ve been like that. The defending world champion Giants rolled into Flushing and made it their own. Every night, Citifield was loud, but not for the the hometown Mets. No, Giants fans dominated the crowd at Citi over the last 3 days, and they had a lot to celebrate. Game 1, rookie Chris Heston made the Mets look foolish, throwing a no-hitter against the inept lineup. Game 2, the Dark Knight decided to take another Knight off. Harvey gave up 7 runs, including 3 HR’s and the Mets fell again. So now we turn our focus to the suddenly interesting Braves, for a semi-important series in the middle of June.

Pitching matchups for the series

Date Time Channel Braves starter Mets starter
June 12th 7:10 SNY Alex Wood Bartolo Colon
June 13th 4:10 WPIX Shelby Miller Jacob deGrom
June 14th 1:10 SNY Mike Foltynewicz Dillon Gee

A crowded NL East?

With the Mets and the Nationals sputtering to start out June, the Braves are in the mix in the NL East, and are now only 2.5 behind the Mets for first place, only .5 games behind the Nationals for 2nd place. However, it’s not like the Braves are making a push for first. They’re 4-6 in June, and two games under .500, but somehow they’re still in it. Somebody has to win these games, it’s in the rules, so it’ll be interesting to see which team hands the wins over more.

Mo Muno, Mo Problem’s

Yaaayyyyy, Danny Muno is back…..A day after we got rid of him. Muno is batting a solid .100 on the season, and with Eric Goedell going down on the disabled list, I guess that means Muno is the best option. The Mets got Bobby Parnell back in their pen yesterday, so immediately losing Goedell for a stint sucks. But we get back utility infielder and 5 foot nothing sensation Danny Muno so…..yay

Dillon Gee Starting Sunday…..Even though he got moved to the bullpen Wednesday

I stopped trying to understand Terry Collins a lot time ago. First he creates this whole hysteria about a six man rotation that was really nothing more than giving Dillon Gee a spot start here and there. Then, he abruptly ends the “6-man rotation” three days in, but then I guess decided he wanted Dillon Gee to start Sunday because….six man rotation? I feel really bad for Gee, the guy doesn’t deserve this. He’s been torn apart publicaly by the Mets for months now and has does nothing other than keep his mouth shut and pitch. Then, he says he’s frustrated one time and suddenly he’s a locker room cancer. Just trade the guy Sandy, for everybody’s sake. You don’t want him, he doesn’t wanna be here and it’s a burden on the team. It’s not like you’d be trading Harvey, it’s Dillon Gee, everybody will forget he was even a Met 2 years from now.

Prediction: Mets take 2 of 3


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