Happy One Year Anniversary One Minute Sports!

One year ago I had a dream. I wanted to create the greatest, most mediocre, semi-popular blog about mostly New York Sports. So, I created OneminutesportsNYC.wordpress.com (really rolls off the tounge doesn’t it?). The first thing I did was text Baca asking him if he’d join me into this endeavor we call blogging. He accepted and Odawg and BacaBoom were born. Eventually we got around to changing the name to oneminutesports.com, the legendary name you see today.

We wrote blog after blog through the summer about all things Rangers, Giants, Mets, Knicks and Jets. It was tiring. But we did it for you guys. When hockey season started up again I saw that we needed an Isles blogger. So I scoured far and wide to find the greatest Isles blogger alive. Instead I got GroverSteveland. But, with the addition of Grover, the formation of the One Minute Sports podcast came to be. Other than the fact that the podcast was never really organized, and had like 5 different names, and didn’t have a schedule and not many people watched it, It was a smashing success.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is thanks to all the readers of these blogs for the last year. It’s been a lot of fun writing over the last year and I hope it was at least semi-entertaining to read. Here’s to another year!


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