Daily DraftKings picks, June 5tht Kings

Last night we killed it if you decided to go with my particular brand of expertise, so I decided to come back and give all of you some more wisdom today. Just to recap last night, we scored 137.55 points, I won some money, and hopefully you did too. I was spot on with Sonny Grey, and we got some help from the long ball.What do you think? Let’s keep it rolling tonight. We’ve got a great slate of games, so let’s get pickin’

My lineup for tonight:

P Matt Harvey 10,400
P Aaron Harang 6,800
C Robinson Chirnos 3,600
1B Lucas Duda 5,000
2B Kolten Wong 4,000
3B Matt Carpenter 4,400
SS Ruben Tejada 2,800
OF AJ Pollock 4,100
OF Bryce Harper 5,100
OF Joey Butler 3,600


Easy money tonight with Matt Harvey. Easyyyy monaaaay. He’s coming off an awful start in Pittsburgh and then a good start in New York in which he threw one bad pitch that caused him to give up 3 runs. He looked dominant. Last time Harvey was in Arizona he made is major league debut and struck out 11 guys. You’re a sucker if you aren’t taking Harvey tonight. I’m taking Aaron Harang as a value pick at pitcher because Harvey was expensive as shit. It’s a little bit of a gamble, but Harang has had a solid season and at 6,800 is a steal, especially tonight. Harang is facing the Reds, who have scored the 3rd least amount of runs in the MLB, Harang has also been dominant at home, with a 1.02 ERA, a 0.71 WHIP, and .172 BAA at home this season.


I have a couple of carryovers from last nights lineup and a few new faces. At catcher, Robinson Chirnos seems like an odd pick, especially considering his statline for the season, but over the last 10 games, he’s been super hot fire, with two home runs and 7 RBI. I’m keeping Lucas Duda, because Duda is a ticking time bomb. He’s due for a huge game and that may just be tonight, facing a mediocre pitcher in Robbie Ray at Chase field, a somewhat hitter friendly park. I’m taking two Cardinals in Kolten Wong and Matt Carpenter because these guys are fantasy point machines, and they’re facing the cheapest pitcher on the board tonight, Carlos Frias, who Carpenter is 2-3 off in his career with a home run. Ruben Tejada is still scorching and is somehow is still only 2,800, he added another 3 hit game last night. Nobody’s hotter over the past two weeks than A.J. Pollock, who’s homered in consecutive games. I know, he’s facing Matt Harvey, but he’s hitting so well that I’m willing to roll the dice with him. Bryce Harper is Bryce Harper, so if you can squeeze him into your lineup, do it. And Joey Butler is another hot bat, he’s hitting .398 over his last 10 and has 2 HR and 4 RBI.


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