It’s Softball Season: Youngblood’s Softball Season Preview

It’s time.

The 2015 Youngbloods will be taking the field in only a few weeks for a highly anticipated 2015 campaign. Owner/GM/Manager/Captain Steve Ferraro will be at the helm again this year, and is expecting a big year from the bloods.

2014 season recap

This is a team that shocked the world last year. Vegas had the win total over/under at the beginning of the 2014 season at .5, But this team refused to buy into that media mumbo-jumbo. They defied all logic and expectations and won an unprecidented 2 games, including the Flint Michigan Mega Bowl in the last game of the season against fierce rival Morning Wood. The team rebounded after an 0-4 start to finish the season 2-4. But, unlike previous years, the Youngbloods were playing the whole game most of the time, only getting mercied twice, which, sadly, is an improvement. Overall, 2014 was a landmark season for the bloods and cemented Steven Ferraro as the Softball Maverick, who revolutionized softball and revived the Youngbloods.

El Capitan’s outlook on the season

“It’s an exciting season. We’re adding three of the top prospects in the country, and we’re looking forward to seeing what they can do for us. Obviously the sudden retirement of third baseman Chris Bumbaca is a big blow to the team, both on and off the field, but I think we can overcome that and bring the Mega Bowl home again”

Key additions

Gerard Mahoney

If you look up wild card in the dictionary, you will find this man’s beautiful mug staring you in the face. Mahoney is maybe the best athlete on this team, but also might have the single largest ego to ever step foot in the Youngbloods locker room (and that’s saying something with Jon Kruse on the team). Mahoney is usually known for ripping g’s on the lax field and banging strange in the bedroom, but El Capitan saw the raw athleticism in g-money and decided to take a risk on him. Whether the risk pays off or ends in the self destruction of the Youngbloods remains to be seen. The relationship between Mahoney and Ferraro got off to a rocky start, as g-money absolutely dominated El Capitan in a fight in Chris Bumbaca’s backyard.

Chris Kuzzy

The Youngbloods biggest free-agent acquisition this offseason came from the recommendation of Youngblood’s all star, and perhaps future Hall of Famer, Ryan Carlino (aka Doug McDermott). Kuzzy’s bat is known far and wide in underground softball league’s and was listed #1 in ESPNU’s 2015 slow pitch softball class. There was some serious battling in order to get the big time bat over to the bloods, but a significant recruiting campaign headed by new Assistant Captain Matty Simons was enough to convince the potential superstar to come to the bloods

Shakeup in the dugout

With Chris Bumbaca pulling a Lou Gehrig, Thurman Munson esque move and ending his career in his prime (no, he didn’t die, he just moved to Kansas City), there was a hole left not only at 3rd base, but in the leadership department. By losing Bumbaca, the bloods also lost their assistant captain, one of the most coveted positions in sports. So after several rounds of interviews, career blood Matty Simons was pegged to wear the A for the squad this year.

“Obviously I’m very excited to have been named assistant captain, but I’m more excited about the way this team is looking for this summer. I fully expect we’re gonna take the momentum from last year’s mega bowl win and move forward into a winning season”

-Matty Simons

Key Losses

Chris Bumbaca

As stated earlier in the blog, this is a devastating blow to the Youngbloods as well as One Minute Sports. Bumbaca has been a fixture in the dugout for the squad longer than anybody other than El Capitan himself. Many are comparing this to the Mets losing David Wright. Bumbaca is a 2-time gold glove award winner at 3rd base and his calming presence in the dugout last season in his second season as Assistant Captain was an integral part in the Youngbloods winning two more games than they’d ever won before. Matty Simons is going to have a lot on his plate, with some big ego’s to handle in the locker room. Bumbaca is also eligible for the One Minute Sports Youngbloods Hall of Fame Ballot this year.

The “Old” Bloods

Will Ferraro, Nick Ferriero and Joe Connors were the only players left from the original roster (other than Steve), and they went out on top. Joe, the winningest pitcher in Youngbloods history, Will Ferraro, the originator of the Ferraro family softball dynasty and Nick Ferriero who….played, will all be remembered for their lifetime contributions to the Youngbloods. They will also be eligible for the One Minute Sports Youngbloods Hall of Fame this year.

2015 Outlook

This is a pivotal year for Ferraro and the Youngbloods. Do they build on the success of last year, or does the massive roster overhaul prove to much for the Youngbloods team. Is this a team that’s primed for back-to-back Mega Bowl’s or will they shrivel under the now red hot spotlight that is the New York softball media.
Prediction: 10-0, Youngbloods win their second straight Flint Michigan Mega Bowl, Owen Condon is named team MVP 😉

Now some pictures from last years Mega Bowl celebration to get you pumped for the season ahead







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