David Wright talks to the media, says…..well pretty much nothing new

Oh captain my captain!

There was a David Wright sighting in San Diego today. We found out at like 6:45 that Wright would be holding a press conference at 7ish. First Terry Collins came on and trolled everybody, saying they have a “pretty good update on Wright”, but then he didn’t say anything else.

The it was time for the main course. The pretty boy, the golden child, the face of the franchise was ready to speak. Honest to god, I was half expecting him to retire. But, instead he pretty much said what everybody’s been saying for weeks. Just wait and see.

“There’s never been a question in my mind that not only am I going to come back, but I’m going to sooner rather than later.”

“We’re not just talking about playing baseball. We’re talking about walking and standing and being pain-free.”

“It’s trying to get to the point where your nerves aren’t so suffocated in that small space”

“This sucks”

The last quote pretty much sums it up, yes this does indeed suck. We have no idea when (or if) David is going to return and that’s reportedly killing him as much as it’s killing us. That’s why I love Wright, because he loves the Mets as much as we love the Mets. Yea, he’s disappointed, but I think that this might actually help him. Getting to be with the team for a few days might do some good for the guy. I just want David to be happy, he deserves it more than anybody. All he wants to do is help this team win and the only thing he can do right now is sit and wait.

Sidenote, doctors won’t perform surgery on somebody as young as him so surgery isn’t an option. That’s…good I guess?

Also, love this exchange between Howie Rose and David. Lightens the mood a little.



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