This is the game we’ve been waiting for since last June 13th

They wanted to get back to the finals, they wanted another chance at the cup, they wanted to change history. Well, 350 days later, this is the Rangers chance.

It hasn’t been easy, not since the start of the year. They got pegged as a bust and were almost written off in December. But they overcame that. They lost their all-world goalie for over two months. They overcame that. They were down 3-1 for the second straight year against a goalie who was playing like he was Ivan Drago from Rocky IV, unstopable. But they overcame that. Down 3-2, going on the road to a surprisingly hostile Tampa Bay arena against a team that just beat them at their own game, on their own ice. They overcame that. Now it’s their latest challenge. I say their latest because it may hardly be their last. It’s time for them to show that all that return to the cup talk wasn’t just talk. They’ve played 100 games this season, but none more important in the way this team is remembered in history than tonight’s game.

Nobody has any idea how the game will be played tonight. Nobody has any clue what will happen once the puck is dropped at approximately 8:10. If they try and convince you otherwise, they’re lying. Game 7’s are crapshoots. Sure, it makes me feel better that we have #30 between the pipes, because there is no goalie in the history of the NHL who I would take tonight over that man.

That’s what the game’ll come down to. Are the Lighting going to be the team that finally figures out how to break the King in game 7s. I don’t know, maybe they are, I don’t think so, but who knows. This is a young lightning team, with a young coach facing an experienced Rangers team that is hungrier than ever. That Stanley cup hangover from October and November seems like centuries ago, and we’re officially drunk again on the on Stanley Cup fever.

I tweeted this out the other night, but I’ll say it again. Whatver happens tonight, win or lose, this has been a great season to be a Rangers fan. We got to see the highest of high’s and have been at the lowest of lows. This team never failed to excite and has been a fun, likeable team this whole year. I love each and every player on this team, even you Keith Yandle, I’ve come around.

That being said, it’s all Rangers tonight. Blueshirts take it 1-0, continue the manifest destiny.

RANGERS IN 7!!!!!!


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