Mets All-Star hopefull’s stock up/stock down

MLB All-Star ballots are once again out, and us Mets fans are hoping to see our boys represented a little better than last year when the sole Met was Daniel Murphy who may have gotten a grand total of 5 minutes of face time on TV during the whole weekend. This years team is different, this years team is actually winning. So how many Mets will we see in Cincinatti this year?


Matt Harvey– Stock down

Harvey was one of the best pitchers in the majors statistically until this past Saturday when his ERA jumped a full point to 2.91 after being shelled in Pittsburgh. However, Harvey was one pitcher who could afford to see his stock go down, as he was coming off 16 innings scoreless heading into Saturday

Jacob deGrom– Stock up

deGrom takes the mound tonight against the hapless Phillies, but in his last start against the MLB best Cardinals, he put on a show. He threw eight innings of deGrominant shutout ball, where he stuck out 11 and gave up only one hit, retiring 22 straight.

Bartolo Colon– Stock down

After an amazin’ april where Colon jumped out to a 4-0 start, things have come back to earth for the big guy. Colon is 3-2 in May with a 6.52 ERA this month. His most impressive stat however? He’s only walked five batters all season

Jeury’s Familia– Even

Familia has been one of the best closers in the game this season and has shown that he is the guy to hold down the end of the game for the forseeable future for the Mets. Familia blew his first save of the season last week against the Cardinals, but still is third among closers with 14 saves and rocks a 1.69 ERA

All Stars right now: Harvey, deGrom, Familia


Lucas Duda– Stock up

After a slow start to the year, Duda seems to be doing what he did last year and is demolishing the ball in May. He’s the best hitter on this team and is proving it. He’s hit three bombs in the last week and has been hitting lefties at and absurd .391 average. I don’t know what Duda has done to turn around his game, but it’s working.

Daniel Murphy– Stock up

Murphy was in an absolute tailspin at the beginning of the season, but we’re finally beginning to see the Daniel Murphy that we all expected to see coming into the year. Murph is 10 for his last 16 at the plate and is hitting a double in what seems like every game. His average is slowly creeping back up (.268) but he also leads the Mets in RBI.

Wilmer Flores– Stock up

With two home runs and eight RBI in the last week and a half, Flores’ offensive game is finally showing some signs of life. His defense has continued to be attrocious, but if he can keep hitting, the Mets might be able to get by with Flores at shortstop. Right now Flores is a penny stock, he’s up a little, but he won’t be taking the field for all-star weekend this year

Juan Lagares– Stock down

Lagares’ stock has been taking a dive lately. While he’s still arguably the best defensive center fielder in baseball, his bat is starting to kill this team. The strikeout bug is starting to hit hit again and he’s only batting .222 in his last 10 games. Lagares has the ability to be a key part of this team if he bring up his average (.264) and OBP (.298), but until then, he won’t be making any all-star teams

Michael Cuddyer– Even

Cuddyer’s struggled this year up to this point, and even if his veteran presence is helping in the locker room, it’s not happening on paper. Hit hit a homer yesterday but is still far away from the 10 mil a year that he’s bringing in. He’s batting .306 in his last 10, so that’s encouraging

Curtis Granderson– Stock down

This guy is maybe the streakiest hitter in the majors. He either draws a million walks and doesn’t hit, or he hit’s home runs and strikes out. Or, what he’s doing right now, he’s just not walking, getting hits, or hitting home runs. The Grandy man can’t right now, and the Mets need that to change, fast.

Hitting All-Stars: Lucas Duda

Closing in: Daniel Murphy


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