Keith Hernandez is “gravely concerned” about David Wright

CBS New York—-“I just don’t know what (Mets GM) Sandy Alderson is gonna do (at third base),” Hernandez told WFAN host Steve Somers after Monday’s 6-3 win over the Philadelphia Phillies. “I have no idea whether they’re gonna go to the minor league system or make a trade. I don’t know. I just hope they can hang in there.

“But I am gravely concerned about David Wright.”

Now, I’m not saying that Dr. Kieth is an expert when it comes to gauging the seriousness of injuries, but when Kieth talks, I listen, even if it usually makes absolutely no sense. This Wright thing sucks, there’s no spin around it. But what Kieth is right about is that they have to make a move. They can’t keep their heads above water and hope and pray that the 26 year old David Wright is walking through that door. I’ll give you a hint, that ain’t happening. The days of 25 HR, 100 RBI seasons are over. Wright is more than likely going to be nothing more than at best an above average third baseman.

So yes, while Hernandez doesn’t bring any real input on the injury front, he is right that the Mets have to start prepping for a world where David Wright isn’t an every day third baseman. That gave me a crazy idea, so just stick with me for a second.

Ok, so Wilmer Flores is not a major league shortstop. That we know. What is he naturally? A third baseman. So, what if the Mets moved Flores over to third, traded Steven Matz and Montero for Starlin Castro (I’m not even going to mention Tulo, I don’t want to get my hopes up), and transition Wright to second base or even possibly left field when Cuddyer’s tenure is up in New York. The Nationals did this a few years ago when they moved Ryan Zimmerman from third to first even though he was a former gold glove third baseman. Maybe that’s something the Mets have to look into, because the David Wright situation is gravely concerning


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