I’m very worried about tonights game

I don’t have a good feeling about tonight, there’s some bad, bad juju around this game. The Lightning came out in game five and beat the Rangers at their own game, in their own stadium.

Sure, the positive side of me wants to think that this is a Rangers team that is fine with their backs against the wall, but the signs aren’t pointing that way this series. Against Washington the Rangers just weren’t getting the bounces, they weren’t getting the breaks. They were outplaying the Capitals, they haven’t outplayed the Lightning. They’ve outplayed the Lighting in the first two period of game 1 and all of game 4, but other than that, only here and there have the Rangers really been the better team.

I could say it like the thousand ways I’ve already said it. I could talk about some more keys to the game or who needs to step up. But it’s really simple. This is a 50/50 game, it could go either way and that skeeves me out. If they come out and play like they did two nights ago, they’ll lose. If they play like they did in game 4, they’ll win. Simple as that. Let’s go Rangers!


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