LeBron tried to get everybody to believe he was about to die last night

Wow, I’m not one to have an all out vendetta against LeBron, but after what he pulled last night, I could not stop laughing at him. It was perfect, he couldn’t be satisfied that he just put up an all time great playoff performance (38 pts, 18 Rebs, 13 Assists), he needed to try and make the world believe that he did it while in dire amounts of pain.

This is the reason people don’t like LeBron. This is the reason that people can’t just flat out respect how talented and dominant he is. It’s because of the fact that he always has to do something insanely douchy after, which almost completly takes away from his performance on the court. Whether it’s publically denouncing his coach after hitting a game winning three, or pretending he’s king Leonidis from 300 and dying on the court, it can never just be about how he played, there always has to be something more. LeBron makes me hate watching LeBron, and that makes me confused and angry.


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