Game 6. Here we go. Let’s send it back to New York

You wanted playoff hockey? Well here it is, playoff hockey.

Backs against the wall once again, just where we want it. You don’t put baby in a corner and you DO NOT give Henrik Lundqvist a sniff at a game 7. The Caps had it, up a goal with two minutes to go, the presidents trophy was looking like the only piece of hardware the Rangers would be bringing home and BOOM Chris Kreider decides he wants to play some more hockey. Oh that’s not enough? Ok, let’s get captain Mac in on the action with the game winner in OT. Game 6 here we come.

Now it’s time to bring this back to New York. Bring it back to the garden. Put the king between the pipes on the biggest stage, but first there’s some business to take care of, Mr. Lundqvist goes to Washington. The Rangers have the momentum now, that’s as clear as day. Is Holtby rattled? I like to think so, but probably not. However, it looks like the Rangers learned that the puck actually can go in the net and they might actually be finding a formula to beat these guys. Hey, I don’t just say it’s a long series to blow smoke up my ass and make myself feel better (well, maybe a little).

The Rangers were in this exact situation last year. Mothers day, down 3-2 in the series to the Penguins and they just played lights out hockey. Marty St. Louis scored an emotional goal early and the Rangers never looked back. They took game 6 and headed back to Pittsburgh to take game 7. That has to be the formula today. Come out strong, fast, physical, but most of all SHOOTING THE PUCK. The Rangers put 43 shots on net on Friday and you could see it was starting to wear down the Caps. Ovi and co. are doing a great job blocking shots, but you can only take so much until they start stinging a little and getting through and they turn into deflections and cheap goals. It doesn’t matter how they go in, as long as that red light turns on.

If you aren’t jacked up for this game tonight then somebody might have to check your pulse. Nobody said the playoffs were going to be easy. Just because you win a ton of games in the regular season doesn’t mean you’re guarenteed anything. It looks like this team is finally learning that now. They’re skating faster, they’re hitting harder and they’re playing better hockey.



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