Let’s recap last night in New York Sports

Wow. Just wow. Last night was bonkers if you’re a fan of New York Sports teams. From about 7:00-10:00 PM I was glued to my seat (that’s a lie, half the time I was stuck in class watching on my laptop, but for the purpose of this blog I was glued to my seat). It was wild to say the very, very least. The Mets, Yankees, Jets Giants, Rangers, Island…oh sorry, were all in action in one way or another last night. So, why not do a recap? Let’s start with the good news


The Jets on draft night are also a spectacle. Usually I have a general idea of what I think they’re going to do, but this year I was just sitting back and letting Maccagnan do his thing. I was petrified that the Jets were going to trade the King’s ransom to move up to #2 to get Mariota, so when Goodell came out and (mispronounced) Mariota’s name to the Titans, I let out a huuuuuge sigh of relief. Then things got wacky. Every guy who was rumored to be going to the Jets got taken in the next three pick. Fowler, Cooper and Sheriff were the three guys I wanted in the draft so once they were gone I was a little bit shellshocked. But then the Mac man made easily the best pick of the draft, taking Leonard Williams out of USC with the #6 pick. Williams was the best player in the draft according to almost every draft expert, not to mention that now our defensive line actually might start murdering QB’s this year. Brady’s shaking in his Uggs up in New England



I’m not going to pretend like I know a lot about this pick. I threw on the draft when the Giants were up to see who they got and then flipped back the the Rangers game, but I guess the general consensus is that this guy is a raw talent (I love that phrase by the way. When you don’t know something about a player just say he’s raw). I’m always in favor of picking Tackles in the top 10. I think that offensive tackle is the easiest position for scouts to hit on. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been a fan. Good pick I guess.


SOUND THE ALARMS. THE SEASON’S OVER. THE METS HAVE LOST THREE IN A ROW. Ok so obviously I’m kidding, but not really. I’ve seen too much Mets baseball and I’ve been waiting for the bottom to fall out on this team for weeks now. Do I really think they’re done? No, I still think the Mets are a playoff team. Let’s remember by the way that half the damn team is hurt. If this wasn’t the Mets, teams would be getting a free pass by the “experts” because of the injuries, but no, the Mets lose three in a row so that means it’s all over.  It’s not like they’re still 4.5 games up in first place or anything. And oh, wait, what’s that? Is it? Could it be? Oh yea….

It’s Harvey day bitches.



Didn’t watch the game. Don’t know what happened. Don’t really care. The Yankees are New York’s JV team.


All I’m going to say is that…..I still don’t have any words. But, a solid night’s sleep did put it in perspective, the Rangers aren’t starting Talbot Saturday (I’m not backing down though. I still think it’s a good Idea). I’m not pissed at the last five seconds of the game. No, that’s just idiotic. Caps got a lucky bounce and put one away with just a little time left. Fine, I guess I can live with that. What I can’t live with is how the Rangers played for the first 55 minutes and 55 seconds. I’ll tell you one thing, that is not the Rangers team that played in the regular season. I’m thinking that we’re going through a Space Jam situation where the monstars came in and took all of the talent out of this team (jokes!). But seriously, this Rangers team needs something, they need a spark, they need to light a fire under their asses. This is exactly how they were playing last year in the playoffs if you remember. They struggled in the flyers series, and then went down 3-1 against the Pens. I don’t have any solutions.

Are there any more members of Martin St. Louis’ family we can kill? That formula seems to work.


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