Rangers Spin Zone: I’ve got nuthin

Well shit this sucks.

I’m trying my very best to think of one thing that I can take out of this game 1 that I can say “It’s ok Owen, don’t cry, we still have this”, but there is literally nothing that I can think of that is making me not wanna hang from my dorm room closet.

Our offense is a joke. A fucking JOKE. I’m pretty sure Rick Nash doesn’t play hockey anymore. The only decent player offensively right now is Kevin Hayes, and even he is off and on. The Zuccs injury is going to come back and KILL us. There are no scorers on this team. When was the last time St. Louis scored? 1995??? It’s pathetic. Oh, and did I mention that Rick Nash sucks? Yea, Rick Nash sucks.

I got this tweeted at me and I’m not quite sure what it means, but it scares the crap out of me. I’m not usually one to look at charts and excel because it’s confusing and makes my head hurt, but this one is pretty self explanatory. Washington Capitals, so hot right now, Washington Capitals.

This team is playing like they already had the Stanley Cup handed to them. It’s the most lackadaisical play I’ve ever seen from a playoff hockey team. No fire, no sense of urgency. So, what do you do when you’re running out of options and the team doesn’t seem like the want to play anymore? Pull your all-world goalie and send a message to the team saying that nobody’s job is safe. Did Lundqvist play a bad game? No, actually the opposite. But still, in the end he let up the game winning goal with one second left. I love Henrik with all my heart, but you don’t get to give him all of the credit when they win and none of the blame when they lose. Yea, it’s the offenses fault they lost, anybody with eyes can see that, but the Rangers need a defibrillator in the form of Cameron Talbot. Hate me all you want for saying it, but things will change if Talbot is between the pipes on Saturday.
Rangers in 7.

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