The Orioles-White Sox game tomorrow just became must see TV

I do not have nearly enough information or expertise to actually comment on the mess that is going on in Baltimore right now, but what I can comment on because I have no life outside of sports, is how awesome this game tomorrow is going to be. Major League Baseball issued this statement earlier today saying that the game will be moved up to 2:05 PM tomorrow and that the stadium will be closed to the public.

MLB:’After conferring with local officials, it was determined Wed’s game should be played w/out fan admittance to minimize safety concerns.’

April 28, 2015

I have no idea if this game is still going to be on TV or not, but I know that if it is, I’m firing up MLB TV during class tomorrow at least for a few minutes to see this. It’s a cool gimmick that you never know the next time it’ll happen. They’re literally not letting people into the stadium.

Also, they just announced that the O’s, who were supposed to play the Rays this weekend in Baltimore, will instead play in Tampa Bay as the home team. Weird stuff happening in baseball because our world is going insane and civilization is about to fold in on itself.

BTW- If you want a sneak peak as to what the stadium will look like, just go back to 2010 Citifield


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