Everything Coming Up Baca Tonight!

(And definitely not Odawg, because he’s still a Duke fan).

What a night! What a string of minutes to be alive! I think this is what the youth call “Having fun while watching sports.” LOVE IT. Can totally get behind it.

The Rangers game was brutal, two goals that took lucky bounces and breaks to  net, but we aren’t going to ruin the moment.

It started with Kevin Hayes netting the OT winner. Let’s go, peanut butter sandwich time (will explain later).


Moments later, Lucas Duda is ropin’ a ball into left field to put the Mets up 3-2 in the bottom of the 8th.

Hey ladies, didn't see ya there
Hey ladies, didn’t see ya there

Familia shuts the door, and the Mets are all of a sudden riding a 10-game winning streak and are the best team in baseball.

And as 10:12 p.m. Central Standard Time, I declare that I love sports. That’s the beauty of ’em, hate one night, infatuation the next.

Now for my peanut butter sandwiches reference: Needed a spark during the intermission after regulation, started whipping up some pb’s for myself and the Rangers scored pretty quickly into OT so I think I just found a good luck charm?


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