This team is going to kill me: Rangers beat Penguins 2-1


If they keep doing this to me I’m going to be dead before we even make it to the Stanley Cup. This team is special in the sense that I’ve never seen any team as good as they are play as many rip your hair out games as the Rangers have. It’s actually unbelievable how they keep doing this. But really should I actually be surprised? I mean, they did the same thing last year in the first round against a Philadelphia Flyers team that they were clearly better than, but they went to 7 games. This is just how the Rangers play in the playoffs. They just never make it easy.

Tonight the Rangers were the better team for the first 55 minutes of the game. Pure domination, the Penguins couldn’t get the puck. The Rangers should’ve been up 4 or 5-0, but they couldn’t finish some up close chances. So, what do they do in  the last 5 minutes? Just pretty much give me a heart attack

After Hags got everything started in the 2nd period with a breakaway slap shot, the Rangers were rolling. Then Stall and Kreider hooked up for an alley oop style goal off the back boards. This game was over, I was already writing a post game blog saying we’re back. Nope, nothing can ever, ever be easy.

You could look at this game two ways. The optimistic way is this: This is the type of game that Stanley Cup champions win. This was a must win game and the Rangers came in and did what was necessary to do that. But then there’s also the pessimistic view: The Penguins played like garbage for 55 minutes. The Rangers should have put them away in the 2nd period. Letting that game be that close is frightening. Also, the power play still sucks.

Either way you look at it there is really only one true barometer of how this game went down tonight. The Rangers are up in the series 2-1.

14 wins away


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