ODB Throws Down Again … This Time in Cameron Indoor Stadium

Stop it! Odell! You are a beast but the Giants need you for this season, seeing as to the fact you are the one saving grace on this excuse for a roster. So no injuries that rhyme with “BCL Bears” please.

You my friend are a freak of nature. He was just warming up too. You can tell that because he still had headphones on, and all ballers warmup with headphones on.

Anyway, how much real estate does this own in Odawg’s brain right now. The Giants best player dunking in “his” team’s stadium (the quotes over his are there because we all know he’s not an actual Duke fan). Great omen for me heading into the weekend, especially when Wisconsin plays Duke for the natty on Monday night.

And for good measure:

Final point: Blogging at midnight on a Friday night. Dedication to the next level Zelda even had to admire.


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