Jets closing in on Cromartie in an effort to remake the 2010 Jets

What the What!?!?! I mean, I heard rumors about Cro talking to the Jets for the days leading up to free agency, but I thought that after we sign Revis and Buster Skrine they’d be done at corner. I guess not. If the Jets sign Cro they will have gone from by far and away the worst defensive back unit in the NFL to probably  a top 5 one.

I swear to god, I can pretty much tell what Mike Maccagnan said in his interview with Woody before getting the GM job. It was probably something like, “hey you know all those moves that Idzik made, getting rid of Revis and Cromartie and not getting a corner or a quarterback, yea I’m just going to get them back and spend all of that money. Are you gunna hire me now or do I have to wait?”

What happened to Dee Milliner? Has anybody heard from him in a while? Is he still alive? If the Jets get Cromartie he’ll go from being the #1 corner 2 days ago to the #4 guy. Pretty nuts for a guy who had a really solid rookie season before battling injuries last year.

This has been a really fun last 24 hours. I know you don’t win Super Bowls in March, but I’m aware that we’ll never win the actual Super Bowl, so I might as well get excited about the March Super Bowl. In the last 24 hours the Jets have made nonstop moves. 1) Marshall trae becomes official 2) Jets release Harvin 3)Jets sign Buster Skrine 4) Jets sign Darrell Revis 5) Jets trade for Ryan Fitzpatrik 6) Jets get Cromartie??

Everything’s coming up Odawg baby



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